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I am incredibly frustrated at the moment. Oh hello! I’m back at work and feeling worse than I did last week. My chest still hasn’t cleared and last night my glands decided to swell up. I thought my head would explode this morning. The medication I’m on is making me feel very weird and nauseous. I’ve been crying the whole morning (even in my boss’ office) because I just feel so useless. My body is failing me and I want to scream!

I’ve been off for almost a full week and I’m starting to worry that it might be something serious. I keep having flashes of me collapsing…or ending up in hospital. Alarm bells are going off in my head, but I keep downplaying it because I fear I might be overreacting. I don’t remember every being sick for so long. It’s been two weeks since I started displaying symptoms.

I’m making another doctor’s appointment today. I want to see *my* doctor. He better fix me. I can’t take it anymore.