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Forking Tired

I’m super tired right now. It’s been hot all weekend so naps and sleeping have been difficult. Working the whole weekend really doesn’t help! After work on Saturday we went to Rudi’s Dart League year end function/prize giving. Mercifully it went by quickly and didn’t feel like a long dragged out affair. Why is it though that when you are pregnant people seem to want to feed you or assume that you want to eat all the time? I got extra servings because ‘I have a passenger’. I daresay I eat less now than I did before I was pregnant and didn’t manage to finish half my food. The food was really tasty and well prepared and I did enjoy what I did manage to eat. Fence was there. I don’t particularly care, but he completely freaking ignores me. Rudeness. He sat at our table and greeted everyone but me. I complimented him later on in the evening (telling him that him and his fiance dance really well together) and he looked away from me and started speaking to someone else. Honestly it doesn’t bother me in the least because I’d rather not speak to him, but I wish that Rudi would notice it too. Rudi was really gracious about not leaving too late and was the only guy there who bought flowers for his partner when one of those ladies came around selling roses. Sweet!


Sunday it was back to work and even though we only got home around midnight the previous evening I wasn’t too tired. After work Leebeesa and I went looking for outfits for our year end function which is this Saturday. I managed to find something that I absolutely adore in the second shop we went to. We trawled through more shops to find something for her, but had no luck. The one thing we found which she loved wasn’t available in her size anywhere – silly really because she is a ‘regular’ size, unlike myself. At the last shop we visited I also found a pair of shoes that match my top! I managed to buy Rudi a shirt for the function too. He is a spoilt brat! (but so am I)


Today at work has been crappy. I’ve had SO much to do this morning and so much crap to deal with that I’ve just been irritated and annoyed. This day could easily already be over and I would be fine with that.