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Hi everyone! A Facebook friend of mine posted pics with his new specs stating he had been told by his optometrist that he is overusing his contact lenses. I commented and said that I suspect I am using mine too much too, but that I despise wearing specs and suspect I just hadn’t found the right frames yet. Enter Firmoo.com!  Literally  less than a week after this exchange Firmoo contacted me to do a review for them. Having also recently also received a reminder from my optometrist that I was due for my biennial eye test, I was excited to take them up on their offer. Perfect timing, right? I have been wearing contact lenses since high school and barely ever wear specs. This was most definitely the opportunity I have been waiting for to make the switch.

I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about purchasing frames online. How on earth would I know if they suit me? How do I figure out which ones are right for me? So I hopped on over to their site to see what they have to offer. I could sign up or just log in with my Facebook account. Easy peasy.  Once I was logged in I was completely overwhelmed by all the frames I liked! The website also has a really easy to use “Try On” feature which I played with for days, just trying on different styles and colours. Even after saving a whole host of frames to my favourites on the site, I had still “narrowed it down” to  over 15 frames. I didn’t even get the whole range to select from! The frames are right on trend. Ultimately I selected a unisex frame:Firmoo Spectacle FrameAt the bottom you can select different colours and the picture will change. It will also change when you “Try On” the frames so you can get an idea how the different colours might look on your skin tone. I uploaded a picture of myself to the site in order to try on different frames. Here I am trying these on:

Firmoo Try On FeatureAt the time I didn’t know what my PD (Pupil Distance) number was, so they are slightly off center in the picture, but it gives me a fair idea of how they might look on me. Some of the frames I tried on looked like they might be too big or too small for my face. How would I know if these wouldn’t just slide right off my nose? Firmoo has an answer for that too!
Firmoo Frame Dimensions

I simply took an old pair of specs and measured the frames to see how big these would be. Everything was perfect and I was happy with my selection. I went to the optometrist and she measured my PD for me and tested my eyes to see what my new prescription would be. She also confirmed that my eyes were drying out a lot quicker than they should and that this was a sign of overuse of my contact lenses. She concurred that switching to specs and using the lenses less would be advisable. Once I had my prescription I was very excited to place my order. Navigating the order process was fairly easy and they have a wide variety of options to choose from. Let me show you:

Firmoo Lens Selection

Firmoo Prescription Options

Firmoo Lens Thickness

Firmoo Lens Colours

Firmoo Lense Coatings

Select all the option you need, click order and voila! You’re done! I placed my order on 2015-08-26 and by 2015-08-28 my glasses had been shipped by express courier. I received my order on 2015-09-03. How fast was that?! I’m super impressed with how quickly they were delivered! I was so bummed because I received them at work and didn’t have a contact lens case with me to remove my contacts, so I had to wait till I got home. I received the frames I ordered with my prescription lenses (1.57 thin and light lenses with anti-reflection & anti-UV coatings). Let me show you what I got:Firmoo Order ReceivedFirmoo Order ReceivedFirmoo Order ReceivedHow gorgeous is that case? I received the hard case as well as one made of cloth and a small star/flat screwdriver with my order (all pictured above). These are supplied with all orders 🙂

Overall my order would have amounted to $107.00, roughly R1500 (including the express courier fee). At the time I had my eye test the optometrist was having a promotion where I could pick out frames to the value of R1500 included with the test. This excluded lenses or any extras. The quotation for lenses without the frame was almost R2000. I also glanced around at the frames that were on offer and they really didn’t have anything I liked and definitely didn’t have such a big selection either. Previously when I got frames from the optometrist I got pretty frames that really didn’t suit me. I’m happy to say that I’ve received a lot of compliments on these frames and been told that they look good. They are lightweight and comfortable. I really love them! Winning! You probably want to see how they look, right? Well…of course I had to take a selfie 😛

Firmoo Glasses Selfie

Firmoo will have their daily top picks on their homepage. You can find Firmoo’s new arrivals here, new frames are updated here daily. If you’re looking for a good deal, you can find their 15% off discounted frames here. You can also find Firmoo on their social media channels:






Final thoughts? I would definitely order from Firmoo next time I’m in the market for new specs. Their service is excellent and I am very happy with the product received. Their prices are also extremely reasonable, despite the exchange rate being crazy at the moment. They have so much on offer and it is lots of fun to play with the Try On feature on the website. Firmoo will even send you an e-mail to let you know if any of the frames you saved in your favourites go on sale. I highly recommend them!

*All prices displayed on the screenshots were correct at the time of posting.