Finally, My Brave Boy

If you follow my blog you would know about the haircut hell we’ve had with Babyice.


At some point I made peace with his hair getting as long is it is going to get and hoped he would outgrow his fear of getting his hair cut. Eventually his hair got quite long and it started to hang in his eyes. When this happened, the day mother and teenage girls there started nagging him about cutting his fringe. One day he suddenly said they could do it. His favourite teen girl cowered from it though in case she would mess it up and let the day mother cut his fringe, no more hair in the eyes. She also cut it skew. Rudi wasn’t very happy, but I saw this was a step in the right direction.





Someone commented on that picture that he was really looking like a girl. Fantastic. Just what we were going for! The next day he asked the day mother to ‘fix’ his fringe and she straightened it, he then asked ‘What about here?’ and indicated the hair growing over his ears. She didn’t have the confidence to cut his hair as she has no experience with it, but this gave us an idea. I remembered that she once had a hairdresser come to her house to cut her hair and I asked if she could arrange for them to come again. She did arrange for the hairdresser to come last Friday and promised Babyice a whole packet of his favourite biscuits if the lady could cut his hair. He was excited for the biscuits. We were excited for the haircut. She didn’t pitch. I was quite annoyed, not because his hair hadn’t been cut, but because we had psyched him up about it for days, only for him to be let down. The day mother shared the biscuits with the kids anyway.


She then made arrangements for the woman to come again. This time I didn’t get my hopes up, but when we went to fetch him yesterday, the deed was done!


Before and After

Before and After


I think he looks spectacular! Apparently he was very brave. He asked “granny” (the day mother) to hold his hand and didn’t cry or scream at all. We made a very big fuss over it. We’ve asked him whether we can take him to a hairdresser next time and he still says ‘no’. I hope that we will be able to coax him to have his hair cut elsewhere next time. I don’t really want to rely on someone unreliable again, although I am grateful to her for getting it done and doing such a great job 🙂


Of course almost everyone on social media prefers the “before” picture…but they don’t have to wash/brush his hair while he whines about it.


I’m very proud of him! 🙂

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