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Feeling down

I thought it would be a good idea to start weaning myself of the anti-depressants that I got since I’m coming close to finishing them. The first time I skipped a day I was fine. Today was the second day I skipped and I can really feel that I’ve done it.

I made a mistake at work, it was escalated to someone else and they brought it to my attention. They were not nasty about it at all, but I nearly burst into tears. I misunderstood the process and because of that a customer and another department were upset. Luckily she sorted it out for me and I learnt from my mistake, but I really felt upset about the entire situation.

I got a SMS from my friend Nellie in PE. We don’t talk often anymore, definitely not every day like we used to, but we do keep in touch. I miss her and feel like such a bad friend for not contacting her more often. I do think about her and think “Oh…I should SMS her”, but I don’t and then weeks go by without contact. She then initiates the contact and I feel bad. I also haven’t been keeping in touch with other people I really care about that aren’t close to me. I feel guilty. I shouldn’t because I do have a lot on my plate at the moment, but I do.

Perhaps I should try taking half the pill instead of skipping days. Maybe that will be better. It’s been a blue Monday for me. Perhaps I’m just still tired from working the weekend.

Ok. Enough whining. Byeeeeee.