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Feeling better

So I went back to the physio on Wednesday. My knee was definitely still not feeling 100%. I was sceptical about going back, especially since the appointments aren’t cheap and I wasn’t sure how effecting they would be. Shortly after I arrived, she had warmed up the ‘bean bags’ and she asked me whether she could do some ‘needling’. Um, excuse me…WHAT? ‘Put some needles in, it won’t hurt’. I have an injection every week anyway, so I figured this would be okay. She massaged a little first and then whipped out some needles and electrically charged pads:


Dry needling


People on Twitter *raved* about this treatment. She also did some ultra sound and taped up my knee with some funky pink tape:


Pink tape


She claims that all the rugby players ask for the pink tape! When I had to go pay, instead of charging me R400.00 for the two appointments (as quoted) she only charged me R240.00 for both! That’s the lovely thing about seeing the physio that owns the practice. I was so glad I had opted to pay cash, otherwise I would definitely not have gotten a discount. Yesterday when I woke up my knee felt SO much better that I felt like skipping instead of walking! There was such a huge improvement I felt like I could have been imagining the pain all along. I was so relieved and happy that I had gone for the second appointment after all. My knee still feels a little tender at times. I would say it is about 98% there! Wooooo!


In other news, the party is growing really close. Only 6 days away! Today I decorated the boxes for the party packs and managed to procure another favour to put in the boxes! It was a real bargain! Thanks so much for this, Ilze 😀


Party Pack Boxes


Party favours 🙂


There is very little left to do for the party. We just have to get some chips (crisps) and punch ingredients and collect the cake on the day. The party boxes need to be folded and stuffed, but I’m putting that off since we don’t really have anywhere to put them once they’re all folded. I can’t wait!