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Family Reunion

So on Saturday Rudi and I packed Babyice up and went off to Somerset West to attend my family reunion. I was completely okay, but as we arrived in the general vicinity I had butterflies in my stomach. We were slightly lost as our GPS hadn’t been updated with the very latest roadmap, but after ‘recalculating’ we found it. Initially we drove right past the house, but I spotted the house number on the wall. As we were driving past there were two people walking in through the gate. They both snapped their heads around looking at the car (expecting us); one of them was my Ouma.

We arrived and it was all hugs and kisses. My grandmother and grandfather have changed so much! They still both look really good for their age, but if I saw them in the street I would have walked right past them. My grandmother said she probably also would not have recognised me. They remember a tiny little girl, around 3 years old with platinum blonde hair, a far cry from what I look like now.

We reminisced about old times, about what a little terror I used to be. I really was (a CHEEKY bugger, I tell you)! I told them about all the wonderful memories I had and the things I remember. I remember baking Christmas cookies with my grandmother. I remember Ragel, the housekeeper who we all loved dearly. I remembered Kiki, the black French Poodle who ate grapes. Also, how my grandmother used to knit outfits for my Barbie, so that every day when I woke up my Barbie doll was wearing something new. I remember the make up compact my grandmother gave me with a selection of different eye shadows and blusher (I still have it, to this day). We spoke about how I used to feed the chickens on the farm and pick strawberries every morning. Apparently they have photos of me when I was a little girl. Photos I would LOVE to see! My Evil Mother lost all my childhood/baby photos when she didn’t pay the storage costs where her furniture was stored and all her possessions (and some of mine) were sold.

We caught up, talking about how everyone is, how it came about that they moved to Cape Town, etc. We talked about My Evil Mother, Jamie and my grandfather. I told them about how I looked for them and couldn’t find them. I had no idea they had moved to Cape Town. They said they had often wondered how I am and what had happened to me. We were all so happy to have the opportunity to see each other again. When my grandfather prayed for the meal, he gave thanks for our gathering.

When Rudi and my uncle left for the bottle store my grandmother told me how much she liked him. She also repeatedly said what a lovely child Babyice is. They were very impressed with him and loved him to bits! We forgot to pack toys for Babyice to play with (yes, I know, #fail), but they organised a big bowl of water, a plastic cup and ball for him and he kept himself entertained all afternoon. He is such a good baby! Before my grandmother left she asked me to write down our address for her and gave me R200.00 to spend on Babyice. After thinking about it I decided I’ll put the money away for him. He doesn’t really appreciate toys at the moment and he doesn’t see the value in clothes or toys.

My uncle was so funny. He apologised to me for teasing me when I was a little girl. He was a kid himself (there’s a 9 year age gap). I told him I honestly don’t remember any of that. All I remember was us swimming in the pool and jumping on the trampoline. Good times. We were alone in the kitchen just before dinner and he looked at me and said ‘Every time I look at you I just see that little girl and want to give you a hug’. I walked around and hugged him. So sweet!

The braai was at 12:30 and I thought we’d probably be home in time for Elijah’s evening routine, but as time started ticking by we realized there was no way we’d make it! Luckily I had packed a spare bottle and clothes for him, so we made a trip down to the local supermarket and bought some food for him. He bathed with normal soap and had his hair washed with Organics shampoo. We made a plan. We ended up leaving there after 10PM! My grandparents had left quite a bit earlier, but we wanted to visit some more.

We left with plans to see each other again. Next time we’ll most likely go to my grandmother’s place in Gordon’s Bay. It’s close to the beach, so that should be fun! All in all it was a really good experience and we’ll definitely keep in touch and see each other again 🙂