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Family Matters

On Friday I was scheduled to go back to the dentist for further work on my root canal. Not 3 hours before I was due to go to him I was eating some popcorn and THIS happened:






My bloody tooth broke! No, I wasn’t eating popcorn kernels…that’s just asking for trouble. I was very upset! Considering that Leebeesa had also had a root canal, the tooth broke, was patched up and broke again! She is now having her tooth pulled. I am not as fortunate though because my tooth can be seen when I smile, so I can’t simply pull it. I wasn’t smiling when I got to the dentist.



He had a look and then called me a fuss pot. He said it would be a problem to rebuild the tooth when he put in my permanent filling. He has a very reassuring way about him. I am still a bit worried though. Leebeesa’s was patched up and broke AGAIN. I can only hope mine won’t do the same. The dentist mentioned that I might need a crown, but that he would wait 6 months to make sure that the root canal was successful before putting a crown on. The root canal is going to set me back about R1400. A crown? Apparently R4000! For ONE TOOTH. That’s an insane amount of money to me. It is also half of my medical savings for the year, for my entire family. I have regular savings, which is for emergencies…but I really don’t want to spend my savings on something ‘cosmetic’. Although I don’t want to have a hole in my smile either. It never rains, it POURS. Just when there is a new baby on the way and you start counting your pennies, somebody wants a chunk of money.




My cousin is visiting from London at the moment. We popped around to see her and other family on Sunday. She bought such cute things for PrincessIce! She bought her polka dot socks that look like shoes, a full Winnie The Pooh set of clothes and the cutest little babygro for her first birthday. I will take pictures and post them. I didn’t want to parade everything around in front of Babyice since he is usually the one who gets all the presents. Since I am sending a lot of Babyice’s old clothes and shoes over for her friend who is a single mom there, her mother has promised to bring loads of goodies back for the kids when she returns in December. ‘The kids’. My goodness. My grandmother was upset that she brought me gifts, or rather, she was upset that I am the only one who ever seems to get gifts. She said my aunt takes offense that such a fuss is made over myself and my children, but nobody even speaks to her son.



Perhaps a little background on this: My aunt is mentally incapacitated. She doesn’t work. She had a job once with Telkom where she cleaned old telephones or something, but her entire department was retrenched. She has tried to work other jobs, but she doesn’t have proper social skills and couldn’t work on a cash register for example as she is considered ‘too slow’. She is married and had a son who is also also mentally impaired. He has been to a number of special schools and is currently in a high school for children with learning disabilities trying to find a suitable trade. He is 15 years old, but not mentally as mature as a 15 year old. He was once diagnosed with Aspergers, but I’m not sure that is the whole story. People find it difficult to relate to them. Even myself as a family member who grew up in the same house as my aunt sometimes struggle to. While my aunt can still have a conversation with you, it is not really possible to have a conversation with her son. If you do not talk about rugby (something which he is fanatical about) then there isn’t really anything to talk about. My grandmother has always pushed the family to interact more with my aunt’s family unit and is very protective of her. She is a mother, it is only natural that she would do so. Her sister is also a ‘funny’ person and can even be perceived as being nasty sometimes. She often says awfully insulting things to my grandmother. As an only child I do not know if this is considered normal sibling behaviour. At the end of the day they still love each other dearly. My grandmother doesn’t seem to understand that people struggle to relate to my aunt and will accuse people of ‘not liking her’. My aunt is good natured and a sweet person. She wouldn’t harm a fly. She can get a bit much though and is sometimes unreasonable in her requests. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my grandmother wants her to feel included and loved and there is nothing wrong with that. She just fails to understand that it is difficult for others to do so. I also don’t think that she realizes that I am only getting so much attention now because there is a baby/small child involved and once their cuteness and novelty wear off they will also fall by the wayside in favour of other things. It’s just the way things are. She eventually gave her sister some money so that they could buy something for my aunt’s son overseas and bring him back a present too. My grandmother is such a kind soul. I have no idea what they could possibly buy for him though. I never have any idea what to buy him for his birthday. This year I ended up giving him some cash to do with whatever he wanted. It was easier that way.




Now to lighten the mood! I had gotten out of the shower the other night and was drying myself off in the bedroom. Babyice was on the bed and he ran over to me and said:


Babyice: “Mommy, I see your winky” (he was asking)


Me: “Mommy doesn’t have a winky”


Babyice: “Where you pee?”



I then had to try and explain to a two and a half year old that girls have fannies and boys have winkies and that girls can also pee even though they don’t have a winky. Surely it is too early for this conversation?! It was terribly cute though!