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So Rudi and I actually went for a walk last night. After having a lovely (healthy) meal we set off for the walk.

We walked around our complex to a nearby dam, around the dam and back home again. Walking to the dam and around it was pretty easy and I set a fast pace, but walking back was uphill all the way! It was only a mild incline, but uphill none the less!

I must say I really took strain on the uphill and had to climb a flight of stairs to get back into the house. My heart was pounding, my muscles were twitching and my lungs were burning. The whole walk took us about 20 minutes.

After I recovered and caught my breath back I felt pretty good about it. We won’t have time to go for a walk tonight as I’m going to church and Rudi’s going to darts, but tomorrow night I want to go again.

The eating plan is going really well so far and it’s really not too difficult. Maybe this is the one!