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Everyone is sick

The whole family is sick. I started feeling poorly on Wednesday and took off Thursday and Friday to rest and get better. It’s just a head cold as far as I can tell, but I couldn’t work feeling congested, hot, dizzy and miserable.

Babyice woke up on fire this morning with a temp of 38.8. We noticed it as Rudi was leaving, so I chucked medicine in his bag. When I called the day mother to check on him she gave me a mouthful about not medicating him. I felt so bad. Apparently he felt better after the medicine though and he ate his porridge even though he had declined a cookie before the medicine. I hope it’s nothing serious. He has had a runny nose for about a week now, but it’s clear and watery, so no sign of infection. It could be a throat or ear infection though and if his fever persists today we’ll have to take him to the doctor.

Rudi has also been generally snotty for a while.

I am hoping we can use the weekend to rest and recover and we’ll all be better by Monday.