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Elijah is 5!

So it was Elijah’s birthday on Monday and we had a party for him. Technically it was a combined party for him and Gabby as her birthday is in the middle of the festive season and school holidays, but on the day it really felt like Elijah’s party. Perhaps because Gabby is still so small and doesn’t understand much around birthdays and parties. Elijah was sent off to school wearing a badge that said “It’s my birthday!” so when he came home from school I was pretty disappointed that they had not even sang for him.

While he was at school Sanita and I went to fetch the ice cream cake I ordered for his birthday and made our way back to the day mother’s house to do party set up. This year everything seemed to go smoothly and it was a lot more chilled for us than it was the previous year. It also wasn’t as hot as it was last year which was very welcome! The weather forecast said it would be 32 degrees, so we were worried that it would be a scorcher and that we would have a melting ice cream cake on our hands! Rudi was also able to leave work early which was lovely. The kids loved the jumping castle and the treats. Somehow we forgot about the candyfloss I had ordered as we stored it in a cool, dark spot. We also forgot about the lollipops and some marshmallow fish we had for the party packs. This year we bought paper bags and allowed the kids to fill them with sweets from the tables before they went home. Luckily we discovered the candyfloss before it was too late for everyone and we were able to dish a lot of it out before we packed it in. Two girls separately came to thank me for the party of their own accord. It made my heart melt and made all the stress, effort and money spent seem worth it. The kids were thoroughly spoilt with gifts. It was a lovely day all around. The next day Elijah returned from school with a special crown they made for him and they had sung happy birthday for him too. I was pleased that they made an effort to make him feel special. Even if it was a day late, it extended his celebrations somewhat and he didn’t seem to mind. Some pictures from the party:

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The very next day Rudi and I had our very first PTA meeting! I was excited to hear how things were going with him. The day mother graciously offered to look after the kids while we attended. We gathered in the school hall. It was quite a flashback for me since I attended the same school for my entire primary school career! We even have the same principal! He introduced himself and told us more about the school and how they are geared towards the future. A lot of the classes in the higher standards all have interactive white boards. How cool is that? He also warned us by the time our children were in Grade 4 (Grade 3 for Elijah as he was speaking to the Grade R parents) that there would be no more school books and that tablets would be required. He told us that the school was already ready for this. The principle will be retiring at the end of next year though and then we’ll adapt to a new regime. They also had a short presentation and demonstration by a karate instructor as karate is offered as an extra mural at the school. We’re interested in signing Elijah up, depending on the cost and we’re waiting for more information with regards to that. The karate demonstration was very cool! We were then sent off to class with our respective teachers. They called out a teacher’s name that I recognized from when I was there! Talk about a tenure!

In the classroom the teacher introduced herself and explained to us what the children’s daily routine encompasses. It was really nice to hear what the children do every day since Elijah isn’t very forthcoming when we ask him. According to him he does “nothing” in school and learns much of the same ๐Ÿ˜› ย The teacher opened the floor to questions and afterwards we waited to speak to her one on one. When we told her we were Elijah’s parents we were pleased to hear her comments. Firstly she said he is a very gifted boy – *BEAM*, she said she can already tell and then she told us something we already knew – HE TALKS A LOT! We left the meeting with high spirits and I know it won’t always be positive and fun and games, but I’ll ride on this here cloud while it lasts ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m so happy my boy is adjusting well in school and it looks like he is going to make us really proud!