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Dummy Diaries

So…if you follow my blog you would have picked up that we are having problems getting Babyice off the dummy (pacifier). He has clung to that thing like there is no tomorrow. We managed pretty well recently with not giving it to him when he is not going to sleep…well…I have managed very well. Every afternoon lately it’s the same story:


‘Daddy, where’s my dummy. I want my dummy.’


‘No, you are not getting your dummy.’


“Daddy, I want my dummy.’



This goes back and forth for a while and eventually Babyice will come strolling into the room, dummy in the mouth, playing with his ear. Every single time. So Rudi doesn’t do too well with the whining and crying. I can deal.


Last night we had epic tantrums. It started with us asking Babyice to pick up his blocks. He moped and sulked and picked up a few…eventually he flat out refused to pick up his blocks. He also stepped on one of the blocks while trying to pick them up and this just gave him more reason to whine and cry. This developed into a full blown tantrum, which led to a troublesome bath time. He then refused to brush his teeth. Oh it’s the end of the world! We tried to get him to pick up his blocks again with more refusals.


The parents picked up the blocks, advising him that he is no longer allowed to play with them and that we would most likely give them to less fortunate children. He had no objection to this. I also told him that he would not have his dummy at all because he was so naughty and did not want to brush his teeth or pick up his blocks. He continued to moan and whine, at which point I decided it was bed time.


I was rather nervous about bed time. He drinks his bottle while I read to him, he hands me his bottle and I hand him his dummy. We pray and then he goes to sleep. I was not sure how this was going to go without the dummy. I was anticipating tantrums of epic proportions and standing outside his door listening to him scream for his dummy. The moment of truth came, he handed me his bottle. We prayed. He asked:


‘Mommy, where is my dummy?’


‘You didn’t pick up your blocks. I can’t give it to you.’





He then promptly turned around and went to sleep. No crying, no screaming and no tantrums. He also slept in his own bed all night. MOST unexpected turn of events!


I told the day mother no more dummies this morning and I have bought him a present from ‘the rabbit’ to say thank you for all the dummies he gave for the crying babies. Previously when he would look for his dummy during the day we used to tell him that the rabbit came to fetch it because the babies were crying. Rabbit would bring the dummy back when it was time to sleep. Hopefully this whole story will wash. I have hidden the dummies from daddy as well to ensure there are no slip ups.


I don’t for a minute think this is the end of it. I have a feeling we will have whining and tantrums for the dummy. We’ll just have to stand strong this time. It can’t take that long. He will be fine. My biggest concern was that he would have trouble falling asleep and¬†evidently that is not a problem for him. Wish us luck!


The potty training has regressed. For the last two days Babyice has suddenly been having accidents. I’m not sure why this is happening. He was accident free for quite a long time. The day mother suspects it might have something to do with me being pregnant. Thoughts?