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Double Trouble

Why didn’t you, dear readers, ever tell me that having an extra child is so much more work? I must admit I was quite naive about it. I thought about how getting them both to sleep at the same time might be an issue, but the rest? I didn’t think it through. I’ve found going from having one child to having two to be a huge adjustment. Before PrincessIce was born I thought “Hey, how hard can it be? You chuck them in the bath together and Bob’s your uncle”. HA HA HA HA HA. Silly, silly girl.


I don’t for one moment regret my decision to have two. I didn’t want kids, but if I had one, I knew I wanted two. I didn’t want to raise an only child, because I am an only child. Since PrincessIce arrived I have felt a sense of completion. Like my family unit is now whole. The four of us is just perfect. I can’t tell you if the fact that my children are a pigeon pair contributes to the feeling, but I do know I am very lucky not to have to wonder about that 🙂   It is, however, a LOT of extra work. I’m not sure exactly why it feels like such a lot. PrincessIce is not even eating in the evenings yet and nighttime with her is a dream because we co-sleep. Rudi wants that to come to an end as well, but right now I’m loving it and the only person it will inconvenience when she moves to her cot is me. I’m the one who has to get up in the cold to feed her back to sleep. Maybe  in summer. Maybe.  Having her in our bed has some drawbacks. Since she is always there after Babyice has been put to bed, having some “us” time is very difficult. We used to put her in her cot and then leave her there till she wakes up and then bring her into bed, but now she just keeps waking up when we put her down there. I suppose if we want to have some “us” time we’ll have to try harder. Rudi still goes to sleep with Babyice at night and it is happening frequently that he falls asleep there and doesn’t come back.  As things are we all just get more sleep this way, but we’ll need to make a plan to make some more alone time for us.


PrincessIce has been such an easy baby. In hindsight if she was anywhere near as challenging as Babyice was we would have been in big trouble. I think having the hang of parenting in general helps. I used to be terrified of Rudi leaving me alone with Babyice to go play darts. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to handle XYZ on my own. I have been staying alone with both kids on dart night since PrincessIce was about a month old. I was uncomfortable with it at first, not sure I could deal with their needs and requirements for attention simultaneously, but I have found a way that seems to work for all of us. I’m much more relaxed about a lot of things than I was with Babyice. Sleep training, co-sleeping, starting solids, milestones, etc. I suppose these are all benefits of doing things with a little experience.


All that being said, I absolutely adore my children and love being their mom. I often sit back and realize how lucky I am to be blessed with them and as the old cliche goes, I wouldn’t change anything for the world!