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Doctors visit…

We went to see the gynae yesterday after work. He seems to be in good spirits after his holiday, even in the late afternoon. Not that he has ever been grumpy, but he was in a good mood and in the mood for joking around.

Babyice weighs just over 3kg’s now. He estimates he will be around 3.6 – 3.8kg at delivery. I’ve picked up about 17kg which I don’t think is too bad considering I’m due in around 2 – 3 weeks. My placenta is ageing at a predictable pace, so everything still looks just as it should. The gynae is still sceptical about Babyice arriving much sooner than he should. He says he *might* arrive around 5 days early, if I’m lucky. He also says I could go a few days over my due date, but he doesn’t think I will reach week 41.

He had a look at the results from the glucose tolerance test I had done and said he very rarely sees such good results. He said I should be really happy about that as it is a good indicator of whether or not you will develop diabetes later on in life. YAY! I’m totally stoked. Diabetes is not the worst thing that can happen to one, but it would be nice to avoid it.

We discussed birthing options and I told him what I do and don’t want. He has encouraged me to remain open minded, but seems very optimistic and positive that we will be able to get Babyice and myself through it with no complications or problems. We were notified yesterday that there is a R750.00 levy for the birth. I wish they had given me more notice so that I could have made provision for it or paid it to them when I had excess funds, but apparently it has changed for 2010 and they weren’t able to give us prior notice as they had not yet finalised the new amounts. I also found out  that I might not have my gynae with me at delivery should I go into labour on a weekend. I’m not overly happy about that. If I do go into labour on a weekend and it is not his weekend to be on standby, another gynae will deliver Babyice. I don’t want another gynae! I want MY doctor! I suppose these things can’t be helped though and I do have a 5 in 7 chance of going into labour during the week. Doctors need off days too.

I didn’t manage to pick up the sling we ordered yesterday as we were running around between the gynae appointment, going home to shower and getting to the in laws house to watch Cybersass on Celebrity Survivor SA. I really want my own DSTV. Although I got to watch the entire episode of Survivor, I only *heard* about 1/4 of it. Nobody else was watching so they were all shouting at talking loudly to each other (as they tend to do). It’s not my house and I don’t feel comfortable asking everyone to STFU while I’m watching their TV. I rather enjoyed what I did hear/see. I really hope I get some kind of access to DSTV soon. It costs quite a bit though. I cannot wrap my head around spending around R500.00 a month for TV I won’t be getting much time to watch. I have, however, been craving some DSTV for when I’m on maternity leave. I will be spending almost all my time at home and there is absolutely jack shit to watch on public access 98% of the time. I don’t want one of those “special packages” for R199.00 because they have one or two good channels and a load of crap. It’s all or nothing! It also costs quite a bit to set up as you need to buy the decoder/dish and have it installed and all that jazz. Meh. Otherwise I’ll probably go to my in laws every Wednesday to watch Survivor.

So we’ll be fetching the sling after work today. I have received notification from Kalahari.net that my Sing Star will be wherever they are leaving it tomorrow! YAY! We might just be jamming to ABBA and Queen over the weekend! I also plan to make my belly cast that I received from my Belgian friend this weekend….

…and on Monday…I won’t have to go to work!!!! WOOT!