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District 9 review ****MAJOR SPOILER ALERT****

So. District 9. Let it first be said, I’m not crazy about sci-fi. I don’t like alien movies. I enjoyed Independence Day and Men In Black…and after realizing this I assumed it had more to do with Will Smith than the actual movies 🙂


 There was much hype about this movie. Just before I went I posted on my Facebook status that I’m ‘excited about going to see District 9’. Before I saw the movie I got a reply (from a South African friend) that it is a ‘metaphor for apartheid’. I decided to go with an open mind, none the less.


Suddenly it was unavoidable. All the signs in the beginning of the movie ‘humans only’, the testimonials from the people, the ‘derogatory term’…everything just kind of screamed segregation.


Then the movie started taking a different direction and I pushed the apartheid angle from my mind. The theatre we were in was very much amused by Mr. van de Merwe’s use of the word ‘fok’. Many giggles every time he said it were forthcoming from the audience. I must say…he was a funny character. I had to look away from the screen quite a few times. I don’t like to see people kotsing and fingernails coming off make me shudder and really gross me out!


Just as I was about to let the entire apartheid thing slide, towards the end one of the characters says ‘One prawn, one bullet’. Uh, yeah. Couldn’t let it slide anymore. There are so many parallels for apartheid in this movie it’s not funny. Perhaps why it was such a hit abroad. District 9 – District 6 – eviction – you do the math.


Other than that the story line was not bad, nothing we haven’t seen before though. I cried, more than once. In my defence I am extremely hormonal right now and I cry for any old thing. They also left the end WIDE open for a sequel. I will wait for the DVD, however they did make me curious as to how it would all turn out.