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Dear Rudi

Today, I take pause to appreciate you.


We have our ups and downs,

like everybody else.

Sometimes things go down a lot more often than they go up,

but they always go up.

Sometimes we say things that hurt each other,

sometimes we make each other feel wonderful.

Sometimes we threaten to leave,

but we always stay.

Sometimes we don’t like each other very much,

but we always love each other.


We have been through so much in our almost eleven years together. We have gone through trials and tribulations that would tear others apart. Our foundations have been rocked by things outside of our control and by other people. Through all of these things, we have stood strong. Nobody thought we would make it this far. Nobody thought we would walk the path to where we are today. We have stumbled, but we have always helped each other up.


This month marks the beginning of a new journey in our lives. I am grateful that you are there and willing to take the leap with me. Expanding our family once turned out to be a much more courageous thing than either of us anticipated it would need to be. The fact that you are willing to open and walk through that door with me again means the world to me. I am grateful that you have chosen to spend your life with me and that you really have weathered the storm with me.


I watch you love our son and am amazed by what a wonderful father I have chosen for him. I always knew you would be a great dad, but you have exceeded my expectations. Sometimes you are more of a mom than I am (which is not always a good thing), but I know it is just because you love him so much you want to be everything to him.


A very happy Valentine’s Day to you, sweetie.


I love you millions x



*photo taken by Cazpix