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Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

This might sound weird, but carbohydrates.

I did The Atkins diet for about 4 months (and lost 8kg). While it’s lovely being able to eat as much fat and meat as you want…it gets old. The smell of toast, the thought of butter melting into that toast…the smell of popcorn…it drove me nuts. I cannot live without carbohydrates. With The Atkins Diet you can eat as much butter as you want…uh…on what? You can’t eat bread, you can’t eat popcorn, you can’t eat a baked potato. You can have as much mayonnaise as you want…again…on what?!

Right now I’m trying to eat as little carbs as possible, but I’m not COMPLETELY avoiding it because I know I cannot live without it. If I had to deprive myself completely I would give up and just go back to ‘not caring’ and doing nothing about my eating habits. I want this change to be a long term thing. A lifestyle change. Something that will make a difference in the long run and hopefully forever.

I fail on weekends and some evenings. If Rudi makes curry, for instance, I’ll eat the potatoes in the curry and not eat rice. That’s still a fail, but at least it’s less carbs than if I had the rice as well. On weekends I completely lose the plot. My weight goes up and down all the time, probably because of this.

Someone told me over the weekend that she had a rule not to eat any carbs after lunch time and that worked wonders for her. Perhaps if I had this kind of strategy it would work better? I must chat to her more about it.