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Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you badly.

This one wasn’t hard to answer. My Evil Mother.

There was a time in my life, around 2005/2006 where my mother treated me like absolute dirt. She used me and turned into a nasty bitch. She accumulated around R40 000 worth of debt in my name. For a long time she paid me what she was supposed to every month and then she just suddenly stopped when she no longer got her way. When we moved out of the house we were living in with her she turned into a formidable enemy.

I had to take the police to her house to get her to return rented appliances to a company because I could not foot the bill anymore. Whenever I requested payment from her she would slam the door in my face or say “Sue me”. She would throw things in my face and spread lies about me. *sigh* I’m so glad I got away from her and her toxicity at the time. When we initially moved into that rental property she made me sign the lease. I thought nothing of it at the time. The electricity and water account was also in my name. After Rudi and I moved out, she moved out two months early and did not pay. That left me with a bill of R8 800 for outstanding rent. Once I managed to scrape that money together I found out that she didn’t pay water or electricity at all while we were living there. Another R5 000. This is excluding the R13 000 she ran up on a department store card without my knowledge.

The list goes on and on. Did I mention that she faked her own suicide because I wouldn’t give her R500? I couldn’t afford it and she wanted me to draw the money from my credit card. I was still living with her when this happened and my eyes had not yet been opened to what kind of manipulation she was capable of. It was very traumatic for me.

It took me about two years to recover from that debt. Rudi helped a lot when I had no money to contribute towards the household. He was very understanding. There were some months that we couldn’t even buy groceries.

I am glad it is over now. I have forgiven her and written off the debt, but I think I will keep her at arm’s length for a very, very long time.