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It is no secret that I have found my creative outlet in the form of doing my nails. This is something that has been missing in my life for a long time. Since having the kids I don’t really find the time to read books like I used to and I needed a way to escape just for a little while. Some time for me and me alone. I admit, it is very hard to pinch off this time. There is so little time with the kids already, especially since I work every third weekend as well, but I have found myself to be much happier in general just taking two hours a week to do something for myself. I don’t necessarily even want to be away from them for this time, or be alone, but doing something for myself is what it boils down to. I take that back. I need to be alone to do my nails. I find that having the kids bounce around in the room and curiously poking at all the nail art equipment is very distracting and makes it very difficult to create amazing nails 😛 I worry more about Gabby that likes to poke around and explore, whereas Elijah understand “Please don’t touch that” and “NO!” much better than she does. So while they are still so little, it is better that I am alone.


During the summer months I saw Rubyletters post a tutorial explaining how to make a scarf using your arms in 30 minutes. I really liked the idea and pinned the link, determined to make myself a scarf in winter. I have grown to love infinity scarves and since this tutorial showed how to make one, I was excited. Winter has arrived and I had not forgotten this DIY. Sanita and I visited the wool shop and I bought the thickest wool I could find, Chunky XL. I really love the wool and decided to try and knit the scarf that same evening. I ended up pulling it out twice and since it was near impossible at home with the kids I carted the wool to work the next day. Sanita also tried. It was the epitome of a Pinstrosity.




Either my arms are too fat or the wool is not thick enough, or both. Now I already wanted a scarf and wasn’t going to waste the beautiful wool, so I consulted with my grandmother. She didn’t have thick enough needles, so I headed back to the wool shop and bought big 12 mm knitting needles for my thick wool.  12 mm needles are really thick, they actually look kind of comical. After knitting about 20 cm I noticed my scarf was curling and after harassing my grandmother again I pulled it all out one last time and decided to knit a different pattern. I changed from stocking stitch to a rib like pattern.

The thick wool and big needles made for quick progress.





In two days I had knitted enough length to cast off my work. My grandmother helped me finish off the edges and “sew” the edges together to turn my long scarf into an infinity scarf and voila! I couldn’t believe how quickly it went and I am really happy with the outcome.


Scarves are really the only things that I can knit, but it is nice to know I can make something if I really want to. The finished product:




In hindsight I should have aligned it a bit better for the pic. My bad.