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Crappy Christmas

I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger. My data bundle at home has already run out and I have had zero time at work to blog. I’m making time today. I have to get some stuff out and of course update you all.

I found out the weekend of my baby shower that My Evil Mother had gone back to her husband. My grandmother heard from someone in church that they had seen her with him walking hand in hand in a shopping centre. My grandmother didn’t believe them and phoned the safehouse to find out what was going on, thinking maybe they had gone out for the day. The lady at the safehouse told my grandmother that My Evil Mother wasn’t pulling her weight there and suddenly just disappeared without even thanking them for giving her a roof over her head. As far as I know nobody has heard from her since. My grandmother is furious with her. My grandfather didn’t comment. Wasn’t this the last chance that she begged for? I shudder at the thought of what would have happened had she stayed with someone in the family. Moving along swiftly…

Christmas Eve my family came over to our house to celebrate Christmas and to open gifts. I had made trifle as it seemed nobody else planned to and we had snacks. My 13 year old cousin insisted we open gifts around 19:00. My grandparents bought Babyice his first vehicle. One of those black plastic bikes that they push along with their feet. It will be quite a long time before he gets to use it, but it’s a nice thought. My grandfather wasn’t feeling very well so everyone left early. Gifts were sort of an anti-climax this year…I got a lot of gifts I can’t/won’t use, like body lotions and bath products.  I’m not complaining though, I am grateful I got any gifts at all.

Christmas day *sigh* Rudi has been bugging his parents since July about what we would be doing on Christmas day. Since July they dodged the question. Eventually in December they said that we would be spending the day together along with Rudi’s brother Derick and his girlfriend. Rudi kept pressing as to what we would eat, etc…again the questions were dodged. He was continually told that his parents are waiting to hear from Derick. From my experience Derick is less than reliable. He was Rudi’s best man at our wedding. All he had to do was organize a bachelors party for Rudi and he dropped him. You can never get hold of him. Rudi tried calling him time and time again and he never answers his phone.

So when Christmas Eve came, we still had no answers. Christmas morning around 7am Rudi’s father called and told us that Derick had informed them that him and his girlfriend would be spending Christmas Day with her family. Again. Dropped at the last minute. Rudi’s mom said she would prepare some food and that we should go and have a picnic or something somewhere. After church we loaded up the cars and went driving around looking for somewhere we could eat. Finally found a place close to the beach with some stone picnic tables. We paid R77.00 to get in. Rudi and his father thought they could blatantly ignore the large ‘No alcohol allowed’ signs, until a couple of cops came around to patrol. Rudi’s father decided to go and hassle them as they walked by dumbass. As they were standing listening to him drivel they noticed an unopened bottle of champagne in the car. Then asked to search the bags for more liquor as there were empty bottles as well. Rudi’s father agreed that they could count the unopened bottles and that we would not drink anything and that they could come and check back later. Rudi was MOST unimpressed by this and just wouldn’t understand that they were just doing their jobs. Freaking annoying. While we were eating the seagulls caught on to our presence, or the presence of food at least and started hovering around and flying over our heads. I’m not a big fan of birds. They kind of freak me out, so I went to sit in the car to avoid being harassed or pooped on.

After eating we packed up. We were there for an hour tops. Rudi’s parents wanted to go to wish his brother, so we were off to the girlfriend’s parent’s house. Two years ago Rudi’s parents were invited to eat there and we were dragged along (again last minute plans) so at least we had met these people once before. When we arrived there they had not yet eaten and were still busy opening presents. It really felt like we were intruding on their Christmas. Awkward. When they dished up, we left…although they insisted on dishing me a side plate of food. A pregnant woman has got to eat, right? *sigh*

After getting home, Lindor rocked up to have a few beers. I ended up spending the rest of my Christmas alone on the couch while Rudi and Lindor drank beer and talked the hind leg off a donkey. Eventually around 23:00 I threw my toys out of the cot since I was working the next day and they would not STFU.

So after a crappy ass Christmas I am looking forward to New Years. I’ll be spending it with my fabulous Twitter friends and we always have a good time with them 🙂 There will be a jacuzzi,  I’ll be having a glass of champagne (yes, just one) and I’ll be surrounded by lovely people…so I reckon it’s going to be great!

We went to the gynae yesterday. Babyice is weighing in at just over 2.3kg now. I actually thought he would be lighter…so I guess he is picking up the pace. He is facing head down and his head is around 8.3cm. Eek!!! My placenta doesn’t show any signs of ageing or changing. The gynae says he owes me something if Babyice budges before February. He says the conditions in his placenta house* my womb are so perfect Babyice has no reason to want to escape. So I’m in it for the long haul it would seem! I’m super uncomfortable. My pelvis and I are constantly at war. Sometimes I can feel it clicking in and out of place. It’s weird and scary! My gynae reckons I’ll have at least two more appointments before the big day. My next appointment is on the 20th of January 2010. Time is going to fly now!

Fork it. I can’t believe it’s like the 3rd last day of 2009. Hectic. Have a fantastic New Years!

*Rudi bumped into my tummy the other day and I yelled at him. He looked at me and said ‘Don’t worry, the baby is protected there in his placenta house’. It’s so cute! 🙂