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Cosmopolitan Polished Event

A couple of months ago I was tipped off that Cosmopolitan magazine was having their annual nail art event, aptly named Polished, at the end of May and that tickets were on sale. The very next day Sanita and I booked our tickets and started counting down to the event.


As with the last Cosmopolitan event we attended, the venue was 15 on Orange, a swanky hotel in Cape Town. I absolutely love the decor in the hotel. It smacks of opulence and the service is absolutely impeccable. We made our way to the part of the hotel where the event was being held. We were welcomed with champagne on ice and delicious breakfast treats. The champagne was lovely, but quickly went to my head since I hadn’t had breakfast or coffee before sipping on my flute. I really enjoyed the variety of bite sized delicacies until we sat down to wait for the event to start.

Champagne before breakfast!
Awesome breakfast goodies


After what seemed like an eternity they finally swung open the doors and we took our seats. On the tables we had a rack of polishes and various supplies to do our nails. Cotton rounds, ear buds, some brushes, make up sponges, foil and some Nail Candi were splayed before us.


wpid-20140531_090847.jpg wpid-20140531_090858.jpg wpid-20140531_090907.jpg wpid-20140531_090942.jpg


The beauty editor of Cosmopolitan welcomed us and introduced the Revlon nail art guru Chi Chi from Nails by Chi Chi. Chi Chi told us a little about how her career started and about her love for nail art. She demonstrated how to do sponged ombré (gradient), leopard print, one stroke petals and did a little freehand art on a model’s hands. They had cameras and screens set up to show us what she was doing. After that it was time for us to play and we set out doing our nails.



Nail Candi is a company that sells reusable nail decorations and also midi rings and nail rings, apparently the hottest new fashion trend. We had the most gorgeous little diamante encrusted bows on our table that I just *had* to use! I started off in a different direction though. I’ve been wanting to try one stroke petals and thought this the perfect opportunity. I did an ombré with Revlon Enchanting (purple) and Revlon Optimistic (hot pink). I used Enchanting to try and fashion flowers over white. I don’t think I worked very well, but you can kind of tell that they are meant to be flowers. I think.


Ombré  and attempt at one stroke flowers
Ombré and attempt at one stroke flowers


Also in the room was a table covered in sweet treats. There were cookies, fudge, coconut ice, cake pops, sweets, lollipops and marshmallows…a gorgeous spread. I really loved the cookies with the polish bottles on them! These sweet treats tied in with the Nail Candi stand on the other side of the room.


wpid-20140531_093053.jpg wpid-20140531_093019.jpg



After visiting the CosmoPolished mani cam, I  moved on to my second mani and painted Revlon Girly on all my nails except my middle nail. On the middle nail I painted Revlon Sheer Nude. Once that had more or less dried I tried to glue in my Nail Candi bow. It was a little difficult. It was my first time using glue and we had no tweezers, so it didn’t come out perfectly, but I’ll be sure to improve when I’m at home with my own tools! Oh yes, you’ll definitely be seeing some more Nail Candi on this blog! I also somehow managed to smash a few nails at the event, so they aren’t perfect, but here are the results:


wpid-picsart_1401598376040.jpg wpid-picsart_1401598555745.jpg



When Michell from Nail Candi told me she had been wearing her adornment for two weeks I was really skeptical. Nothing has ever stayed on my nails for two weeks! The longer I wore it, the more I fell in love with my bow. I couldn’t stop staring at it and playing with it. Let me tell you, that bow was going NOWHERE! I washed my hair, bathed the kids and went about my daily activities and it didn’t budge. To the point where I started worrying about getting it off! When I did take it off, it came off fairly easily with acetone and a little brushing. I tried not to touch the coloured enamel, it did though and I am happy to report it didn’t damage my Nail Candi bow at all. I wouldn’t soak it in acetone, just to be careful…but I had absolutely no issues. I have even purchased myself some nail glue now in order to reuse my bow and other Nail Candi goodies!


I was just adding my Nail Candi bow to my manicure when they announced the winners of the prizes for the day. There was a prize for the best mani and for the best social media of the day. I won! I won! I won best social media! I’m sure my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers had already muted me at that point since I was posting lots of pictures. I was so super chuffed! I won a Revlon hamper filled with a TON of cool Revlon products! Check it out:





There are actually a few things in there that I *needed* and intended to purchase, but now I don’t have to! I was really overwhelmed by the gorgeous goodies in the hamper. So, a huge thanks to Revlon for sponsoring the prize! We posed for some photos when I won, but I have no idea where they are (maybe in the next issue? I haven’t seen them on their social media channels). If you spot me somewhere, let me know!


I also managed to snag a picture with Chi Chi herself!





I rounded off my day with some indulgent LUSH purchases and Seattle Coffee. I had such an amazing day!