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Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Masterclass

So my friend won tickets to attend the Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Masterclass which took place on Saturday. She won two tickets and chose me to go with her! We’ve known about it for a month and I was really excited. Eventually the day dawned.



We arrived at the swanky 15 on Orange hotel in Cape Town. We were each given a lanyard with a Cosmopolitan tag showing our itinerary for the day:







We then moved on to a waiting area where we were served a light breakfast buffet style. Everything was really nice:






Once everyone had arrived we were taken into the presentation room:






The lady you see rushing past on the left is the fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. I didn’t know it when I took the picture, otherwise I might have waited for her to stand still :P. She talked to us a bit about fashion, how she got her job and how we should let go of all our preconceived ideas of what is okay to wear and what is not. This season has a lot of fashion that would not normally be deemed “acceptable”. There’s a lot of mixing of prints such as different animal prints together and floral with stripes in one outfit. A lot of the pictures that she showed us still made me go ‘Ewwww.’ I would never want to wear anything like that! She spoke about how nobody gives us a fashion handbook, but somehow we are all experts on what is fashionable or proper to wear. Consider not only what you wear yourself, but what you think when you see someone else wearing something. Bold colours are also really ‘in’ this season. I seriously need new clothes. An entire new wardrobe! Who has money for that though? She also spoke to us about accessories and how you can update old/plain/boring clothes by wearing a statement accessory at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire outfit. I really enjoyed listening to her. She is easy going, easy to speak to and very down to earth. Not at all like Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’!




After the presentation we were whisked off for make up/hair and nails:



Being Beautified



Make up



The make up was sponsored by Revlon and the hair stylists by Toni & Guy. This is what my friend and I looked like when we were done with hair and make up:



Hair and make up done






We also each got a manicure:






Not long after that we were whisked off to another waiting area before we went into styling. In they styling room the fashion editor picked out clothes for us to try on. I liked every girl that walked out there, they all looked great. For some reason I did not even look at myself in the mirror before going into the next room where the shoot was to take place. I was greeted by no other than Jeannie D from Top Billing television fame! I had a bit of warning that she was going to be there (she tweeted) so I wasn’t completely shocked…but slightly star struck none the less. I’m not sure if any other celebrity would of done that to me…she is pretty cool though! She is very friendly and just as beautiful in real life as she looks on TV. I was surprised by how tiny she was. She already looks skinny on TV, but she is even smaller in person! She told me where to stand and how she wanted me look while the photographer was snapping away. He took enough photos to blind me with the flash. They went through the photos on the camera and agreed they had one that they liked. The final product:



My Cosmo Cover



Each girl got a copy of the magazine with herself on the cover. My friend was up next. I absolutely loved the outfit they styled her in. I would actually go out and buy that for myself. It was very flattering and suited her colouring well. I think her cover came out beautifully!




Friend’s Cover



After our shoots we got to go for lunch while other girls were completing their shoots. Lunch was lovely. I really enjoyed the food, the salad most of all. Weird, right? In my defense it had bacon in it. It was another buffet and for some reason I was rather attracted to everything green. After lunch we were taken to another waiting area where we all got some cosmos with Candyfloss Cruz vodka. I opted for the virgin version, of course:



Delicious lunch


Can you tell which one is the virgin? 😉




We sat sipping cosmos until the time came for them to hand out the magazines, lucky draw prizes and goodie bags. I didn’t win any prizes, but I really felt like I did when I got my goodie bag! I was also glad to have a friend there, we just happened to want to swap some of the items in our goodie bags with each other 🙂



Goodie bag contents



We got a fragrance, mascara, two lip colours, a nail polish and make up brushes! One of the lip colours I never would have tried or purchased on my own. I would have looked at it and said it was too dark, but I tried it and it looks amazing! I wore it to work yesterday and by the time I wrote this post 5 people (all men!) had commented on it! It’s a very bold colour called ‘Baby Berry’.  I swapped out my lip butter for the ‘Berry Smoothie’ colour with my friend. Can I just say that this lip butter is AMAZING?! It feels so great on your lips! It’s like lip balm with colour in it. I would most definitely buy it for myself. I also swapped out my nail colour. I got a matte nude shade and swapped it for a shimmery coral. I saw someone else had a coral colour painted on at the manicure station and loved it. This is a slightly different shade though and hers didn’t have a shimmer. I wasn’t crazy about the way they painted my nails, so I had an excuse to take it all off and use my new colour:



Coral nail colour



That concluded our fun day of pampering! It was all very nice and I just love the goodie bag! I actually think I’ll go find myself a few other shades of lip butter. Although I don’t have the money now (or anywhere in the foreseeable future) to drastically update my wardrobe…I can definitely play with bolder make up and accessories. I’m inspired.