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There have been some concerns raised in the comments section about my choice of blog fodder.

Firstly, thank you for your concern. Rudi has the link to my blog and he is free to read it. He doesn’t, but I have not tried to hide my blog from him.

Secondly, you obviously only hear one side of the story and I expect you to realize this. I don’t think people who read my blog take everything I say at face value, but there is no reason for me to lie. I simply say how I feel. Rudi is free to do the same. Lying on a blog is ridiculous. Really.

Lastly, I will not censor my blog or what I write. There are very few occasions where I do not WANT to write about something, in these rare cases I will not. I feel that censoring my entries will completely defeat the personal purpose of this blog. I vent here. I document events here. I write from my heart and don’t feel that I should tip toe around my readers, My Evil Mother or my husband.

As a side note, people seem to thrive on this misery that I sow so freely (Google Analytics has proof) so someone must be loving the drama.

So dear readers, thank you for your concern. I appreciate the feedback and the time you took to formulate your feelings and to send them to me. I truly love having comments to read and I appreciate your honesty. Your opinions are welcome, you are entitled to them and I will treat them as such. Your opinions. Which you are entitled to.

I try my best not to stand in judgement, although I am human and will falter. Often.