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Christmas Minions!

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Hi everyone! How on EARTH are we halfway through December?! Can someone please just sit me down and explain this to me? I just can’t even!  Anyhoo, since I started doing nail art, so many people have asked me to do minion nails. At some point it seemed like everyone  was doing it and I was never really extremely inspired to try it myself. At least not until a colleague posted this link to my Facebook timeline. You can find a video tutorial for these on Youtube, here. It is not the first time that someone has posted minions to my timeline and it is not the first time someone has asked that I do them. So finally, here it is. My most requested nail art, with a Christmassy spin!

I started off with my regular Tip Top base coat. I painted my thumb, index and pinkie nails with 2 coats of Revlon Revlon Red and my middle and index with 3 coats of essence wanna be your sunshine. On the yellow nails I went in with Revlon Red to paint the hats and the coats on the top and bottom of the nails. I used a striping brush and Sinful Colors Black on Black to paint stripes on the yellow nails as well as the red nails. I also painted small smiles for my minion’s mouths with the same striping brush. I used an L.A. Girl silver mini and the striping brush to paint belt buckles over the black stripes on the red nails to turn them into Santa belts! I used the same silver and my largest dotting tool to make large dots on the black stripes to form the base of the goggles that the minions wear. At this stage I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. I used a slightly smaller dotting tool and Sally Hansen Sugar Fix white textured polish to fill in the trim on the hats and the jackets of the minions. I placed a dot of nail glue on the silver dots and attached googley eyes that I had purchased from a craft store to finish off the minions. The result:

Christmas Minion Nail Art

I really love these! I think they turned out great for a first minion attempt and I really enjoyed wearing them. The googley eyes were so much fun to play with! I also liked the textured trim, just a little something different to give the look a bit of dimension. The googley eyes are about 3 mm high, so I figured I would make a little more of the design 3 D by incorporating the texture as well 😉 When I showed these to Elijah and asked them what they were he said ‘I know! They are Gru’s cousins!’ I had to laugh!

I really hope you liked these as much as I did. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for reading 🙂