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Chic Tapuz and Sinful Colors UFO

So we’re finally out of the Valentine’s manis and into regular stuff. For now. Easter is coming soon and I reckon I’ll probably do at least one Easter mani. Today I have a gift polish and a prize polish to show you. I received Sinful Colors UFO from my aunt, who had gotten it from someone else. Despite the bottle being about half empty, it was still in perfect condition. I had no idea what to pair it with until I received my Durban Polish Party prize from Ordinary Misfit containing Chic Tapuz.  Two oranges!


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Chic Tapuz (yeah, I don’t know what is up with that name either) on all of my nails. I painted one coat of Sinful Colors UFO on my ring finger and added a luckystarstyle decal on my middle nail. The first picture I’m posting is a more accurate reflection of the color of Tapuz. The second picture shows you how beautiful the UFO really looks. I sealed everything in with my Seche Vite top coat.






This mani was the straw that broke the camel’s back with my Seche Vite top coat. I love it and loathe it. Some of the problems I experience with my Seche Vite is shrinkage – not only along the tips, but at my cuticles and the sides of my nails as well. Seche Vite is quite commonly known for shrinkage issues at the tips of your nails, but you can wrap you polish to prevent that from happening. No way to prevent it from happening elsewhere on the nail though. My middle nail with the swallows shrank very badly. I had to clean it up some more which left a huge gap between the polish and the cuticle. This just looked horrible in my opinion. It looked like I didn’t bother to paint a 1/4 of my nail at the cuticle :\ I also have issues with it sometimes not drying smoothly, or wrinkling.  You can see this on my index nail in the pictures. This may be an application error. I haven’t seen anyone else complaining about it, so I’ll put that down to my own technique. This could also be happening because my Seche needs a bit of Restore. I am currently on my second bottle of Seche Vite. Once the first one came to about 1/4 left, it became unusable. I used Seche Restore to thin it, but no amount of restoring would fix it so I had to toss it.  I started looking for another top coat that dries as fast, because I really need something that dries fast badly. I have found something that does rival the drying time of Seche and doesn’t have shrinkage issues. I’ll do a comparison post soon, because it just isn’t that simple, is it?


I really love the way the UFO looked over the Tapuz. I really want to find a way to use it again, but not sure what other colours I would want to layer it over. Maybe a nude? What do you guys think?