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Breastfeeding – 1 year

Just like Gabby’s first birthday sneaked up on me, so did our 1 year breastfeeding anniversary.   I was one of those people who didn’t know where to look when faced with a breastfeeding mother. I was one of those people who thought people who breastfed their babies beyond 6 months are weird. I was

Healthy Lifestyle Update

So, how is the healthy living/lifestyle change going I hear you say. Well, shit. I think I might of given myself too much freedom.   It is quite easy for me to be good at work and I still pack myself healthy, portion controlled breakfast, snacks and lunches, but it all falls to pieces at

A new day, every day

So on Tuesday I finally started my “life change”.  No, not menopause. My lifestyle has required a change for a long time and I’ve finally begun.   I’m trying my best to approach this time completely differently. This is not a diet. I cannot go on a diet. If I go on a diet, that