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We went to Spier wine farm near Stellenbosch last night. We went to the restaurant there called ‘Moyo‘. It’s really awesome there. The setting and atmosphere were incredible. We had some cocktails and sat in the lounge area chilling. When it got too chilly we were brought blankets to keep us warm. We also had


My manager organized tickets for Rudi and I to go watch the rugby last night. It’s the first time either of us has been to a live rugby match and it was lots of fun! We forgot to take money with though, so we didn’t have any food or drink. We enjoyed it thoroughly. I


My old blog is STILL not working. It’s been about 3 days now and usually it wouldn’t be a train smash. Hell, sometimes I don’t blog for a week, but I want to blog…and I want to link my old blog to my new blog…I want to copy an entry from my old blog onto