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Phuza Saturday

I’m seriously bummed to be working this weekend, but I guess it’s best since that means I’ll be off next weekend (which is a long weekend here in South Africa). We had a braai last night at Riaan’s place and that went in the general direction that it always goes…meaning I was wasted (again). It

Deflated Ego

I’m demotivated to write since it doesn’t seem like anyone is actually reading. I am facing this internal struggle. Am I writing for an audience or am I writing for myself? I love having reference to the past online…at my fingertips so that I can reflect and sometimes put the present into perspective. So I

2 cents

I’ve gotten the layout more or less like I want it. I would appreciate some comments or feedback on the look and feel. Let me know if you like it, or not. Feel free to make suggestions. Come to think of it….I haven’t had 1 comment since I’ve started this blog. Anyone there? *knocks* No

Welcome Back, Old Friend

We went to The Mount (the restaurant where our wedding reception was held) on Friday evening with Leeza. We had delicious food. Rudi and I ate steak while Leeza had the pork neck. The best was the dessert though. Leeza and I shared a Toblerone fruit fondue. YUM! The photos are really dark…sorry about that.

Under Construction

I intend to post about the weekend as soon as I get the photos I took uploaded (nothing to get excited about…). Please excuse the look of the blog right now…It’s under construction. I’m trying to get things just right…but clearly I’m struggling a bit. Thank you for your patience :oP Related posts: Feeling better