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I have finally joined the herd and launched a Facebook page for my blog. You can toddle over to the official page here and like it if you want 🙂 Unfortunately “acidicice” wasn’t available and Facebook forced me to capitalize the A, so the official link is http://www.facebook.com/acidiciceblogs. To celebrate the launch of my Facebook


I really think people underestimate how much hormones can affect your emotions, or even your physical well being. I certainly did. Because I was one of those people, I feel like it is hard for other people to understand what you are going through when you are affected by this.     My nesting has


New Year’s Eve we spent with Camilla, Dennis, Shelley, Jonathan, Samantha (Camilla’s sister) and everyone’s kids. It was a relatively quiet evening. We had a braai and arranged that we sleep over so that nobody would have to drive under the influence. Babyice had a spill on the tiles and while he was screaming I