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Something Fishy

Recently both my children celebrated their birthdays. The festive season is always a clusterfuck of sorts in my household. We have Christmas, a few days later it’s Gabby’s birthday and a month later it’s Elijah’s birthday. Financially speaking, it can get very expensive, very fast during the worst months of the year when it comes to trying to manage your finances. What to buy the children for their birthdays is always a struggle, without even bringing affordability into consideration. Personally I am not in favour of buying more toys, since they already have more than one toy box overflowing with things that they never play with. Of course I am in favour of buying them clothes since they are growing up way too fast and both of my children are incredibly talented at making huge holes in their pants. Gabby will usually come home with a hole in the knees of her pants, while Elijah has been able to rip a hole in the seam of even the most durable of clothing items. I bought them toys anyway, but nothing too expensive or big and definitely nothing requiring batteries. Their father decided to buy them pets. A fish tank to be more precise. I was dead set against the idea. NO PETS. No no no. I don’t want a fish tank, I don’t want fish. I don’t know anything about how to keep them alive, clean the tank, etc. I don’t want to have to deal with the heartache of the children when the morning comes where I am going to have to flush their fish down the toilet. What mommy wants doesn’t matter though. The kids were beyond excited and I surrendered.

Chill Corner


Cinderella and Ryan

Cinderella and Ryan

Tank Decor

Tank Decor


Mommy’s Fish

What came home was a tiny fish tank. A starter tank if you ever did see one. Rudi bought a filter and some stones for the bottom and 2 goldfish. One for each of the children. The children picked which goldfish they wanted for their own and named them.¬† Meet Cinderella (left with the black markings) and Ryan. I procured the “plant” you can see in the background. Next thing you know I’m standing in Stodels looking for fish vitamins, additives to help me clear the water and whatever else I can find to make these fish happy. Within a week I was more obsessed with the fish tank than the kids were. I wanted to decorate it and get a light installed. While getting the water clear has been an uphill battle and I’m still not happy with the clarity of the water, taking care of these fish has become a little hobby that I am quite enjoying. A friend of mine promised Elijah he would buy him something cool to put in the tank, but he was trying to find just the right thing. He finally found something really cool to put in with the fish. On yet another trip to Stodels yesterday I found a third item I thought would look good. I was a little worried I wouldn’t have enough space, but I luckily I did ūüôā
I bought the purple ‘coral’ and my friend bought the shipwreck which I think looks really badass. I really wanted to buy a plecostomus (sucker fish) for the tank, but the helper at Stodels advised against it strongly since they are tropical fish and probably wouldn’t survive in unheated water. I was quite bummed. I love those darn sucker fish and they serve a purpose as well. I was determined to leave with a fish though and I knew I wanted my own distinctive fishy. I looked for a black goldfish, but couldn’t find one…so….Meet Goldeen! Named after a generation 1 Pokemon that is also a fish with white markings ūüôā This is MY fish. I started feeling kind of left out not having a fish of my own. Why do the kids get to have all the fun? They don’t. I was so silly excited about this fish I tell you. When I got home I popped Goldeen into the tank and I could tell that Ryan and Cinderella were very accepting. They totally hang around in the tank together. There is a specific corner they like to chill in.

Fish friends! I was told that the maximum capacity of my tank is 3 goldfish. Now there are 3. Problem is…I want more. Now I’m contemplating getting a bigger tank. WHO AM I EVEN? I DIDN’T WANT THE TANK OR THE FISH. One night before I got the extra fish Elijah prayed at bedtime “Dear God, thank you that mommy is so nice about the fish, even though she didn’t want them. ” Seriously though…a bigger tank with more fish would be awesome. These things can get very expensive by the way. You’ll find yourself spending money on things you never thought you would want or needed. Yesterday morning, instead of getting ready for work, I pulled a chair up to the fish tank. I fed the fish and sat there watching them swim after the flakes. I may even have spoken to them. The kids do too. They kiss the fish goodnight through the glass and tell them to sleep tight.

After I got home from work yesterday I decided to overhaul the entire tank. I emptied it out, cleaned the filter, cleaned the glass and the stones and refilled the tank. I know usually you only do half and half when cleaning the water, but I had had just about enough of cloudy/murky water and thought this would help. It did! I managed to get better pics of the fish too ūüėÄ

Cinderella Fish


Goldeen Fish


Ryan Fish


Clean water

Clean water


Having fish pets is kind of awesome. Who knew?

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The Sound of Silence

Dear lovely readers

I know I’ve been quiet. I know I’ve been missing in action for a very, very long time. If there is anyone out there that looked forward to my posts, I apologize.

The last 18 months or so I have been going through deep waters in my personal life and still currently am. I am not sure when things will be better, but probably not very soon.

I used to use this blog like therapy. I used to find writing about my life cathartic and blogged through many struggles that I felt were too big for me to face on my own. I’ve always loved the village of the internet that have been in the sidelines rooting for me and supporting me. On some level I wish I could have that now, but I have decided against it in the interim.

Am I still painting my nails? Yes, I am. I just don’t have the energy to photograph and write posts for all of those things right now. I actually have a handful of edited photos laying in my media folder on my blog that require posts. When I go back to them now I can’t even remember which polishes I used, so as soon as I try to start I find myself giving up.

I am alive. I am coping as best as I can and I hope to be back soon. The kids are fine too. There is no need for anyone to worry about me. I’m working my way through everything and hopefully when it blows over I can write all about it for you.

I trust that you will all understand and I hope to have you¬†over again once I am back. Just so that everything isn’t all doom and gloom, I have a picture of me kissing a puppy for you…(not my puppy)



As a lot of you may know, it is the month of Ramadaan. A holy month for Muslims all over the world where they fast for 30 days. I have a lot of Muslim colleagues and friends. I may have said this before, but I lived a very sheltered life growing up. I went to an Afrikaans primary school (I was in the one English class) and an Afrikaans high school (again in the only English class). The pupils were predominantly white, with a pop of colour coming and going every now and then. Somehow the students of colour never seemed to stay long. My mother and stepfather didn’t really have friends that¬†were not white, so I grew up in a little bubble of the things I knew. When I started working after school it was incredible culture shock for me. I was quite suddenly exposed to a lot of different races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations. Fortunately I am quite liberal and have never really judged people based on any of these things. I can tell you in my denomination of Christianity we were taught to respect the religions of others. I did visit a few different churches with my friends in high school, to see what different churces were like, but they were all Christian. Most of them quite different from my own, but all Christian.

Since working at the company I have been with for the last 16 years,¬†I’ve always been intrigued with the Muslim faith and have the utmost respect for those who fast for Ramadaan. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be. Considering my intense love for food, I could not wrap my head around it. This year I decided to try and fast too. I wanted to know what it is like and I¬†wanted¬†to see if I can. Don’t get me wrong, my intention¬†was not to fast for the entire Ramadaan, but I thought I would start by trying for one day. Everyone else was already a week into¬†Ramadaan and I finally said goodbye to my monthly visitor so I decided to dive in.


I woke up a few minutes earlier than normal so I could prepare myself something to eat before leaving for work. I thought it would be a good idea to have a bowl of oats since this should give me energy and keep me full for long. I haven’t been eating breakfast for a couple of months, so eating a bowl of oats at 5:30 in the morning was a bit of a struggle for me. I pushed through though, knowing I would not be able to eat for the rest of the day. I made myself coffee in a travel mug as I do every morning which I had on the way to work. I made an exception and had a smoke in my car as well since the cut off time to begin fasting was around 6:30 and I knew I wouldn’t get to work before then. I always thought that Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset, but that isn’t so. There is a calendar with specific times and the times change as the month progresses.

I start work at 7:00. At¬†7:53 I was¬†already missing the second cup of coffee I would have had by that time. My mouth felt dry. The coffee trolley at work whisked by. Normally this would have provided me with my third cup of coffee for the day, but I asked our lovely tea lady in the¬†morning not to make me any. She thought I’m nuts. She will make me coffee even if I am not at my desk. She knows how much I love my coffee. She was very surprised when I asked her to skip me for the day.

Around 15:00:

It was my full intention to make notes¬†throughout the day, but it has turned out to be a relatively busy work day and I didn’t get¬†around to it. I must say my ability to focus was compromised. I found it hard to start something and then finish it or focus on it. Hunger was¬†fine¬†actually and I¬†was¬†also totally okay¬†not smoking during the day¬†(no, this is not the part where you ask me why I don’t just quit). I was¬†seriously thirsty all day though. Since early in the morning. Around 11:20 they started packing out the lunch to be served downstairs in our canteen and the food smelled amazing. When the coffee trolley made her last round after 13:00 I needed to distract myself from the sound because it would normally mean I was getting coffee delivered to my desk and I really do look forward to that.

I had¬†about another 3 hours to go before I could break fast. I didn’t really think it would be a problem. I was¬†stiff from sitting down in my chair all day instead of getting up for loo breaks and smoke breaks. I had to make a point of getting up to stretch my legs, but I was also¬†trying to conserve energy so that I could make it through the day. I felt¬†quite tired and had a hint of a headache, but it would be a fleeting pain and then it would immediately go away.

About the night:

When I got home it was freezing and Rudi was sleeping after an overnight shift. I whipped off my jacket and shoes and crawled into bed with him immediately. By home time I was already really tired and to be honest I just wanted to lay and do nothing. I can understand now why my Muslim colleagues like to leave work an hour earlier, I would have been very happy to. I really didn’t want to cook and after much back and forth about who was going to go out in the blustering, windy, rainy weather to go and get pizza Rudi finally relented and agreed to go. He left 6 minutes before I was allowed to break fast…so I ended up breaking fast with a cup of coffee and a smoke. That warm cup of coffee was heavenly. I still wasn’t actually hungry by the time the pizza arrived, but I ate too much of it anyway. I drank another 3 cups of coffee before bed.

Since I made it through the first day relatively unscathed, I decided to fast for another day to see what it was like.

Next day:

So I wanted to know what two consecutive days would feel like and I wanted to see if adjusting what I did in the morning would impact how my day went. So I had a bowl of oats in the morning again, but this time I also had two glasses of water. This is UNHEARD of for me. I don’t like drinking water, but I realized I had to hydrate myself to face the day. I also stayed thirsty and woke up thirsty from the previous night, so knew that water was the answer. I had my regular cup of coffee on my way to work over and above breakfast.

This time I only got thirsty much later in the day, but I did still get thirsty. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water in the morning. I also got hungry at around 11:30 and again around 14:30, but it was manageable. I was¬†a lot quieter than normal. I can be loud I guess. One reason for this was because¬†my mouth is dry and my throat a bit sore from the drought therein. The other reason is to conserve energy and because I was¬†tired and lethargic.¬†The second day had it’s own set of challenges and was harder than the first day, but it was still doable.

I was very hungry by the time I was able to break fast. I was literally watching the clock waiting for the last minute to tick by. My neighbour was too sweet and sent me some dates (the traditional way to break fast) and savouries. While I was waiting for the time to pass Gabby decided to go to the loo and just as I was allowed to, she called me to help her. I was frustrated since I had waited the whole day to finally eat or drink something, but went to help her quickly. The kids raided my plate of savouries and I only managed to have a springroll and the dates. We had some soup for dinner, which is perfect for this cold weather.

Since the next day was a public holiday I put the fasting on hold. I would like to try for a full week as I’ve heard that day 3/4 can be pretty hectic.

I certainly have new insight into what it feels like to be fasting. While it may be considered “easier” to fast in the winter because the days are shorter and one doesn’t need to wake up after 3 in the morning to eat before starting to fast, fasting in winter is difficult too. I found that I got extremely cold while fasting. I guess your body is so busy trying to just run it’s normal processes like breathing, keeping your heart beating, etc that warming your body is lower on the priority list.

While I certainly don’t *have* to fast, I would like to try and fast for a full week next week. There are some health benefits to fasting as well and who doesn’t want to be more healthy? I have my own reasons for deciding to try fasting. My reasons are not religious, but I did want to see if I had the willpower to do it even if I didn’t have to. I did want to know how it would affect my body, but I was also keenly interested to see how it would affect my mind. I very seldom introspect and being still and quiet prevents me from distracting myself with all the outward things and being boisterous.

Heaven knows I could do with some introspection right now.

I would love to hear what your views are on fasting and whether you’ve ever done so for any reason. Thanks for reading!

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When You Just Can’t

I have blogged through some of the worst times in my life in the last 10 years. Through my grandfather’s illness and subsequent death. Through the loss of our first child. Through the drama and trauma with my mother. All of these personal things I laid bare on this blog. I found support online, I found people that could relate, people that cared. For that I am grateful. There has been something that I have always avoided blogging about. It felt too personal and I guess shameful, so I’ve kept that part of myself hidden and out of the public eye. Here at least. There are people that know and I’m ok with that, but I’ve never felt ready to put it in black and white on the internet. I did write a post about it once…in 2010 which is still lying in my drafts. I don’t know if I will ever publish it, but at the time it felt cathartic to write about.

At this time in my life I am faced with things I again feel are too private to write about and publish. I’m really struggling and have been for months. At times I have thought perhaps I should just write it out and leave it in my drafts as I did with the other post, but I have not. Because I am still in the thick of everything going on, I just can’t. I have no idea where this road will lead, all I know is that I’m standing at a fork and either way is utterly shit. I have been standing here for what feels like forever and I just do not have the balls to choose a path. I am frozen with terror, knowing both ways will hurt like hell. I’m procrastinating, delaying what seems inevitable, hoping that somehow another road that isn’t as difficult will appear. My head says one thing, my heart another. I know which one of those two is stupid, yet I’m still just standing there.

I suppose some of this discontent has leaked out onto my Facebook timeline. Apparently the things I have been sharing there of late have caused concern to my friends and followers. Some have reached out and offered support. Thank you for that. It truly does mean a lot to me that people care. Despite growing concern that I might be suicidal, I’m ok. If I don’t have the guts to choose a path, I certainly do not have the guts to completely remove myself from the journey.

I do think I’ll be able to blog about it once I have chosen a path and that will likely lead to a lot of “MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS RIGHT NOW” posts. I apologize in advance. To be honest, my life fucking sucks right now anyway, I just don’t want to tell you why. So…I thought I would put up a post, trying to explain why I’ve been disconnected and distant. I know it doesn’t help much and might just breed curiosity, but that¬†is not my intention. I just wanted you to know that I’m alive and I’m coping.

Thank you again to everyone that has reached out to me. I really appreciate it. One day I will tell you all the things.

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So, this is not the kind of post I usually write. It’s um…personal, but I’d like to think of it more as a public service than something that I am embarrassed by. A long while ago I read a post on Scary Mommy about getting your nether regions waxed. As these posts usually are, it was hilarious. It was also fear inducing. “I will never”, I vowed. You know what they say though, never say never. So, since there is a photo of me next to the word masochist in the dictionary, I decided ’tis the season to be hairless and made an appointment for said wax. I tried to make an appointment to have it done at our beauty therapist at work, but she was fully booked and was then going on leave. I was not deterred, although it would have been a perfect opportunity to back out.¬†I have a friend who is a beauty therapist and we had discussed it before when I was putting feelers out about it. Best part? She could come to my house. So we set up an appointment. I told her numerous times that I am literally terrified of doing this. I’ve had my legs/underarms/eyebrows waxed before and I know how much *that* hurts, so venturing into more sensitive areas was very, very scary. She laughed it off and said I’ll be fine. I did not believe her. Before reading any further, you need to know that I’m a huge wuss. I don’t like pain. I can’t even stand to be poked in the arm. At the hairdresser I used to brush my hair myself because I would literally want to cry when someone else did it. I am “pull sensitive” when it comes to my hair…so this was a really great idea, wasn’t it?

The day of the appointment arrived and I had managed to push the thought out of my head for most of the day. As the time crept nearer, the tension was undeniable. An hour before she was scheduled to arrive I popped two tablets containing ibuprofen and paracetamol as a precautionary measure. I’ve heard that this might help. For those who don’t know, painkillers don’t do anything to your pain. They simply raise your pain threshold so that you are no longer aware of the pain until they wear off, so it seemed like a good course of action.

She came over to my house a little bit early, so I delayed her with a smoke break and something to drink, nervous that the painkillers had not kicked in yet. We chatted and plugged in the machine to melt the wax, etc. “Are you ready?” “No. Yes. No.” How could I possibly be ready?! I had already paid the morning of the appointment, so there was no getting out of it now. I checked my modesty at the door. Since the therapist was already a friend, conversation flowed easily, despite my nerves. She announced she was going to use a combination of strip and hot wax. Hot wax doesn’t require any wax strips to remove it. It is my understanding that strip wax is supposed to hurt more than hot wax, but I’m no professional. Before we even started I told her that she is not to tweeze anything under any circumstances. Having a bunch of hair ripped out at once is obviously going to be torturous, but ONE BY ONE? Absolutely not! She said nothing as she twirled her wooden stick to gather the string of wax that had formed while removing it from the melting pot. I gritted my teeth at the realization that¬†she was about to slather that onto me.

She started with the strip wax at the top. She ripped it off and firmly placed her hand on the area that she had just waxed. This pressure helps for the initial pain and it really does offer some relief. I had anticipated that I would scream. I did not. I may have sworn, but not nearly as loudly as I thought I would. After the shock of the first strip, it was actually completely okay. I asked her if this top part hurt more than the down below part. Somehow it made sense to me that it would. She said yes, it does usually hurt more at the top/more exposed area. As she worked her way down, she switched to the hot wax. I’m not going to lie, the warmth of the wax as it was being applied was actually quite pleasant. Everyone loves to be nice and warm, right? Well, that was just getting it on. She needed a few extra hands when she got into the parts that are more curvy and she instructed me as to what to hold and where. The first side she pulled the wax from, I may have said a few choice swear words. I’m like HELL NO. This definitely hurts more than the top! She assured me the other side wouldn’t be as bad. I didn’t believe her. She was right though, the other side didn’t hurt as much. She just kept applying and ripping wax off and during the process I actually became used to it. Maybe I was just numb, but it was completely tolerable. She whipped out tweezers and started removing strays that the wax didn’t seem to want to grip and at that point, I didn’t even mind.

I was very surprised at how well I handled it, considering my paralyzing fear beforehand. It really wasn’t that bad. Actually, I intend to maintain it. Pain wise, it was not nearly as bad as I had imagined. Our appointment was on a Friday and on the Sunday she came back to see if she could remove some of the finer hair that didn’t want to come out on the Friday. My expectation was that things would be very smooth, as if there was never anything there to begin with, but that isn’t the reality of it. It’s pretty damn smooth for the most part, though. I didn’t take any painkillers on the Sunday and the waxing was effortless. To be fair, there wasn’t much for it to pull out, but I was totally fine the entire time, so I’m not even sure if the painkillers were completely necessary.

The next day you will be sore. Apparently it is only really so the first time, but it is very sensitive around there. I was advised not to wear underwear and to wear loose fitting pants for a few days to prevent any chafing. I was quite aware of the area the next day and also became very aware of how often Gabby likes to kick me there while we are nursing. By the second day it was much better already and the subsequent wax on the Sunday didn’t make it worse at all. Would I recommend it? Yes. I would. Should you be scared? No. You shouldn’t be. If a wuss like me can do it, so can you! They say the first time is the absolute worst and after that it will be much better.

If you’ve ever had this done, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below ūüôā

Thanks for reading!

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Get To Know Me

I was tagged by the lovely, gorgeous, talented Briget from Because I Can and Because I Shop fame for this post. I haven’t done one of these in aaaaaages, so maybe it came right on time ūüôā Let’s dive right into it.

Are you named after someone? 
My mother once told me that my father went to go and register my birth on his own and named me after his ex girlfriend. I later found out this wasn’t true though. Surprise! Apparently my grandmother chose my name, but not named after anyone in particular.

When was the last time you cried? 
This morning. I cry all the time.
Do you have kids? 
 Yes.  I have 3 children. Only 2 of them are still with us. My eldest will be turning 6 in February and my youngest will be 3 in February.
If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Duh. I’m an awesome friend.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? 
I do. Not safe for the blogging world LOL.

Do you like handwriting? 
No. I despise filling in forms and doing written tests. I would much rather text or type. Since leaving school my hand is guaranteed to cramp by the time I reach page 2 of anything I need to write.

What is your favorite cereal? 
Rice Crispies with tiny marshmallows in it. They haven’t made this since I was a child. Every now and then I will chop up marshmallows into my Rice Crispies or if I find the small ones somewhere I’ll buy them and use them for that purpose. DELICIOUS!

What is the first thing you notice about people? 
Their smile, if one is forthcoming.
What color are your eyes? 

Scary movies or happy endings? 
Why must I choose? Both.
Favorite TV show? 
This shifts and changes depending on the set of things I’m watching at the time. Currently I’m into Breaking Bad.

Summer or winter? 
Summer. I can’t stand being cold!

Hugs or kisses? 
Definitely both. My main love language is physical touch, so I enjoy most kinds of physical contact. It also depends on who the other person is.
What’s the furthest you’ve been from home? 
Do you have special talents? 
I sing a bit, but never in public, because stage fright. I have recorded a song that I wrote as well, quite a few years ago. Other than that I dabble in nail art, but my “skills” are by far less than some of the incredible nail artists out there.
I tag everyone reading this that wants to participate! Leave your link in the comments for me ūüôā
Thanks for reading!
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Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Do you remember my review¬†of Firmoo’s website and glasses? Let me refresh your memory with a few pics. Below you can see me using the Try On feature on the website, the glasses I received and how they look on me ūüôāFirmoo Try On FeatureFirmoo Order ReceivedFirmoo Glasses SelfieI posted this review in the beginning of September and still wear my specs daily and I am still more than happy with them! In fact, I never thought I would say this, I kind of prefer them to wearing my contacts lately. If you would like to see a few other reviews you can see posts from my friends reviewing their service and products. Ordinary Misfit, BecauseICan and Mama Zombie have all also reviewed Firmoo. All of us can’t be wrong ūüėČ Now you stand a chance to win your very own set of Firmoo specs! I can tell you, if any of my friends runs a similar giveaway, I will definitely be entering! I could definitely use a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Even if you don’t win this giveaway, I strongly urge you to consider Firmoo when you require new spectacles. Not only are their prices reasonable despite the current exchange rate, their shipping is super fast. Nobody I know of that has used their services thus far has been disappointed. You can check them out on their social media channels:






Below you will find the terms and conditions for this giveaway, as well as the rafflecopter that you can use to enter easily.

Terms and conditions:

  • Leaving a blog post comment with the frames you would choose is a mandatory entry.
  • Glasses include the frames, standard 1.50 index single vision lenses. Upgraded lenses and add-ons will be charged for an extra fee.
  • Free shipping.
  • Leaving a blog post comment with the frames you would choose is a mandatory entry.
  • Competition is open internationally.
  • No giveaway accounts.
  • Competition is open from 25 November 2015 – 1 December 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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Pulling Teeth

A while ago my chiropractor was telling me how much she believes in the power of words. She was telling me about a guy she knew who always used to use the term “ball ache” and ended up having to have surgery on his testicles. Another guy always used to say “pain in the ass” and he ended up in hospital with…you guessed it…a pain in the ass. Stay with me. I’m going somewhere with this. Of late I have been using the expression “pulling teeth” fairly frequently. I would saying something like “trying to get feedback from x department on this query is like pulling teeth”. I shouldn’t have.

Remember 3 years ago, while I was pregnant with Gabby I had a root canal done? Well, of late I have been having similar pain on the same side. I went to have it checked out at the dentist, but I had pumped myself so full of pain killers he could not determine the source of the pain by tapping on my teeth. He tried to take x rays, but apparently I have super long roots and he tried several times and could not fit the entire root into the x ray. He did notice that there was a dark spot on the root canal tooth though and advised me to come back to have it seen to. The pain came back and went again. It kept coming back intermittently and one day while I had pain I tapped my teeth and managed to determine that it was in fact the tooth that had the root canal treatment that was causing the pain. I decided to go back and have the dark spot seen to anyway.

I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, describing the nature of the pain and the fact that it is intermittent. He agreed that it sounded like a root canal had failed. He took one look at the x ray he had taken before and said “Yup. It needs to come out.” I was panic stricken. I had never had a tooth extracted before. Surely this was going to HURT?! I sat shaking in the chair. I think I might have squeaked. He insisted everything would be fine, but was also willing to let me come back another day. I remembered promising myself 3 years ago if this tooth ever gives me any issues again I would just have it ripped out, so I told him to go ahead. I sucked it up.

He gave me several injections to numb the area. They didn’t hurt at all, there was one injection in my palate which he warned me would sting, but it wasn’t too bad. I remembered a former colleague had a tooth extracted and had pain for ages afterwards. He realized that the tooth had shattered when they pulled it and he still had pieces of tooth stuck in his gum which caused the pain. I asked my dentist to please make sure he didn’t leave any pieces behind. He assured me he would be using a technique that would prevent that. When I had the root canal done, in between appointments the tooth split in half and was filled again, meaning there wasn’t really much tooth remaining. I was worried that he wouldn’t have enough to grip onto with his instruments…I was worried about so many things actually. Then the one thing I wasn’t worried about happened…I heard my bones grind against each other. I still get shivers thinking about it. He was wiggling with something, then grabbed another instrument and said “I’m going to be busy for a few minutes, just bear with me”. Less than a minute later he triumphantly held my tooth out for me to see saying “Am I good or am I good?”. Honestly, I didn’t feel a thing. I was more scarred by the psychological aspect and the bone grinding sounds than by anything else. I had cotton wool shoved into the hole where the tooth used to be and was sent home with some instructions. After an hour of biting down on the cotton wool I was to replace it with a tea bag soaked in warm water with more cotton wool and after that I could remove it. I was instructed to rinse with salt water 3 times a day and not to suck on anything for a few days as well as not to smoke for 48 – 72 hours. Apparently even sucking on a straw can result in something called dry socket which is apparently excruciating.

I was surprised that it didn’t really hurt even after all the injections wore off. The next day it was a little uncomfortable and I took some mild painkillers to help with that. I managed not to smoke for almost the full 48 hours and kept smoking down to a minimum for the next 24. I also somehow managed not to suck on the spot where the tooth was or fiddle with it with my tongue. Anybody who has had a significant change in their mouth will know how hard that is!

I think I’m over the mental trauma of losing a tooth now, although I had trouble dealing with the thought of it. I am very fortunate that it is quite far back in my mouth and it isn’t really noticeable when I smile, at the very least. I had promised myself 3 years ago after having endless complications with the root canal and my tooth breaking, etc that I would pull it if it even gave me the least bit of trouble again, but it was still a little frightening. At least the extraction was a little cheaper than any kind of repairs might have been. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s over. I have previously had my wisdom teeth removed, which I had done under general anesthetic and the recovery was by far worse. There was a lot of pain post surgery and I looked like a chipmunk for a week at least. This was a lot better.

Have you ever had to have a tooth removed? I would like to hear what your experience was like, tell me about it in the comments below ūüôā

Thanks for reading!

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Bratz in SAHi everyone! I have an exciting giveaway for you today. Is there a little girl in your life that deserves a spoil? Then this giveaway is for you! The Bratz dolls have returned to the shores of South Africa through Prima Toys and you stand a chance to win one right here! Yesterday Sasha was dropped off for Gabby. Sasha is character that loves singing karaoke and sleepovers! I can tell by her array of accessories that she is also into fashion, girly magazines and doesn’t travel light ūüėČ Sasha came with a host of extras including a boom box, travel bag, magazines, her bunny, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, a microphone and an extra outfit!

When Gabby saw the stunning pink holographic gift bag her eyes widened and she asked if it was for her. I told her it was a surprise and she said “Sited prize!” (Excited for her surprise). When we got home she insisted I open it immediately! Meet Sasha:wpid-wp-1444118767380.jpg

Gabby was super over the moon with Sasha. In fact, she almost ended up in the bath with her because she could not put her down. Entertainment for hours!

This competition is open to all South Africans and a winner will be selected after on Friday 9 October 2015. Enter using the rafflecopter below!



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Hi everyone! A Facebook friend of mine posted pics with his new specs stating he had been told by his optometrist that he is overusing his contact lenses. I commented and said that I suspect I am using mine too much too, but that I despise wearing specs and suspect I just hadn’t found the right frames yet. Enter! ¬†Literally ¬†less than a week after this exchange Firmoo contacted me to do a review for them. Having also recently also received a reminder from my optometrist that I was due for my biennial eye test, I was excited¬†to take them up on their offer.¬†Perfect timing, right?¬†I have been wearing contact lenses since high school and barely ever wear specs. This was most definitely the opportunity I have been waiting for to make the switch.

I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about purchasing frames online. How on earth would I know if they suit me? How do I figure out which ones are right for me? So I hopped on over to their site to see what they have to offer. I could sign up or just log in with my Facebook account. Easy peasy. ¬†Once I was logged in I was completely overwhelmed by all the frames I liked! The website also has a really easy to use “Try On” feature which I played with for days, just trying on different styles and colours. Even after saving a whole host of frames to my favourites on the site, I had still “narrowed it down” to ¬†over 15 frames. I didn’t even get the whole range to select from! The frames are right on trend. Ultimately I selected a unisex frame:Firmoo Spectacle FrameAt the bottom you can select different colours and the picture will change. It will also change when you “Try On” the frames so you can get an idea how the different colours might look on your skin tone. I uploaded a picture of myself to the site in order to try on different frames. Here I am trying these on:

Firmoo Try On FeatureAt the time I didn’t know what my PD (Pupil Distance) number was, so they are slightly off center in the picture, but it gives me a fair idea of how they might look on me. Some of the frames I tried on looked like they might be too big or too small for my face. How would I know if these wouldn’t just slide right off my nose? Firmoo has an answer for that too!
Firmoo Frame Dimensions

I simply took an old pair of specs and measured the frames to see how big these would be. Everything was perfect and I was happy with my selection. I went to the optometrist and she measured my PD for me and tested my eyes to see what my new prescription would be. She also confirmed that my eyes were drying out a lot quicker than they should and that this was a sign of overuse of my contact lenses. She concurred that switching to specs and using the lenses less would be advisable. Once I had my prescription I was very excited to place my order. Navigating the order process was fairly easy and they have a wide variety of options to choose from. Let me show you:

Firmoo Lens Selection

Firmoo Prescription Options

Firmoo Lens Thickness

Firmoo Lens Colours

Firmoo Lense Coatings

Select all the option you need, click order and voila! You’re done! I placed my order on 2015-08-26 and by 2015-08-28 my glasses had been shipped by express courier. I received my order on 2015-09-03. How fast was that?! I’m super impressed with how quickly they were delivered! I was so bummed because I received them at work and didn’t have a contact lens case with me to remove my contacts, so I had to wait till I got home. I received the frames I ordered with my prescription lenses (1.57¬†thin¬†and¬†light¬†lenses¬†with¬†anti-reflection &¬†anti-UV¬†coatings). Let me show you what I got:Firmoo Order ReceivedFirmoo Order ReceivedFirmoo Order ReceivedHow gorgeous is that case? I received the¬†hard case as well as one made of cloth and a small star/flat screwdriver with my order (all pictured above). These are supplied with all orders ūüôā

Overall my order would have amounted to $107.00, roughly R1500 (including the express courier fee). At the time I had my eye test the optometrist was having a promotion where I could pick out frames to the value of R1500 included with¬†the test. This excluded lenses or any extras. The quotation for lenses without the frame was almost R2000. I also glanced around at the frames that were on offer and they really didn’t have anything I liked and definitely didn’t have such a big selection either. Previously when I got frames from the optometrist I got pretty frames that really didn’t suit me. I’m happy to say that I’ve received a lot of compliments on these frames and been told that they look good. They are lightweight and comfortable. I really love them! Winning! You probably want to see how they look, right? Well…of course I had to take a selfie ūüėõ

Firmoo Glasses Selfie

Firmoo will have their daily top picks on their homepage. You can find Firmoo’s new arrivals here, new frames are updated here daily. If you’re looking for a good deal, you can find their 15% off discounted frames here. You can also find Firmoo on their social media channels:






Final thoughts? I would definitely order from Firmoo next time I’m in the market for new specs. Their service is excellent and I am very happy with the product received. Their prices are also extremely reasonable, despite the exchange rate being crazy at the moment. They have so much on offer and it is lots of fun to play with the Try On feature on the website. Firmoo will even send you an e-mail to let you know if any of the frames you saved in your favourites go on sale. I highly recommend them!

*All prices displayed on the screenshots were correct at the time of posting.

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