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I’m very excited! I’ve found a new car! Well, the car itself is not new, but it will be new to me! Rudi and I went to go and see what we could work out with the dealer yesterday. Rudi knows the dealer well as Rudi’s boss purchases and services his vehicles through the same dealer.
Not only did he offer me R5 000 more for my car than I owe the bank, but he had a car he felt would be perfect for us. Rudi had seen the car on Saturday already and had told me about it. He told me it was a red Opel Astra. I don’t like red cars. Actually…I wouldn’t buy a red car, so I was quite hesitant. Not knowing this, the dealer drove us all the way to the panel beater to show us the car and let us take it for a test drive (it was at the panel beater to repair a minor scratch on the door, which we saw). I only managed to get a quick photo as it was raining:
Opal Astra
Opel Astra
As you can see, it’s not exactly red. It’s more of a maroon colour. It’s actually quite a nice colour. It is an upgrade on my current car in every aspect other than the year model. It’s a 2004 model,  two years older than my current car is. My car is a 1400, this one is a 1600. I have aircon and power steering, so does this one. This one also has central locking and electric windows. It’s much more spacious inside and has a huge boot (trunk), for when I eventually do murder Rudi…but in the interim it will be big enough to hold the pram and then some! It’s 5 years old now and only has 88 000 km on the clock, which really isn’t bad.  It also has a full service history (as it had a 5 year/90 000km maintenance plan) and was purchased and serviced at the very dealer we are purchasing it from. Biggest bonus? I’ll be buying this car without a residual. The last two cars I bought had a 40% residual. I hate them. My car payments will also not be going up!
The dealer has told us he feels very comfortable selling us this car as he knows the full history of the car and he knows the owners. Rudi’s boss and their extended family have all bought new and second hand cars from him and never had a problem. The car is also not costing me too much.
So as soon as today I will be bidding my Blinky a sad farewell. I don’t know why I get so emotional about cars! Blinky has a dent in her bonnet (hood) which needs to be repaired before he can be sold. The dealer already has a buyer for Blinky and the buyer needs it on Friday, so Blinky will have to go in to the panel beater ASAP. They’ll give us a courtesy car in the interim, but my new car should be ready by Thursday.
I’m a little sad to be letting Blinky go…but I’m very excited about getting another, better car. Financing will be approved today and then it’s a whole lot of admin…but by the end of the week we’ll be styling!
It drives like a dream by the way.