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Butterfly World and Hair Hallelujah!

We decided to take Babyice to Butterfly World on Saturday. It really was a beautiful spring day. Their website advised to visit on a sunny day as the butterflies are more active then. We promised to take him before winter already and lately he has been mentioning it, so we decided it was a great idea to go.



I must say that I was disappointed by the butterflies. There were a lot of one sort of butterfly. Ones with transparent wings and I only spotted 3 other kinds. None of the butterflies were fluttering around. They were all just sitting around. Babyice didn’t seem interested in them at all and I think the lack of movement had something to do with that. He did enjoy pointing at the koi fish swimming in the pond though. Luckily Butterfly World has many attractions now so there were lots of other things to see. The highlights of the trip were probably the marmosets and the iguanas.  It was quite funny actually, we were at the iguana exhibit and neither Rudi nor I could locate one. We kept looking and suddenly Babyice said ‘Mommy look! A lizard!’ and these HUGE iguanas were right in front of our eyes the whole time. Very well camouflaged! One had also escaped the exhibit and was sitting on the pathway. Babyice was quite scared and so was I…it even moved as I walked past it and I squealed. The creepiest part was, of course, the insect section. Eek! On a side note, I don’t recommend the hamburgers at the restaurant. I only managed to force down half of mine before donating it to Rudi. Our photos from the day:





Then it was time for the dreaded haircut. I was more than nervous. His appointment was at 14:00, but we arrived at the salon at about 13:10. Before we left the morning we gave him the antihistamine recommended by the doctor. We went to the salon straight from Butterfly World as it is on our way home. I told Babyice that we were going to cut his hair and he still refused…’No. Not cut my hair.’ This didn’t help for *my* anxiety. I went in, asked if we could come in and sit there for a little while to help him feel more comfortable. The receptionist agreed. He didn’t want to go in at first. At some point I asked him to come and sit with me on a row of ottomans in the centre of the salon. He didn’t want to, but I picked him up (yes, picked up all 16 kg of him), took the 3 steps to the ottomans and sat down with him on my lap. He was nervous, but I spoke to him calmly, telling him nothing is happening and everything is okay. I then pointed out the ladies having their hair cut. He looked and said ‘Mommy, look! The aunty has papers in her hair!’ By papers he meant foils. So cute! The hairdresser allocated to do his hair came to say hi and asked if he would come sit by her. She got him a ‘big boy’ chair (a high chair). I put him down on the chair. He looked like he wanted to bolt, but she distracted him with a spray bottle with water. This was good. We hadn’t even gotten him into the chair at the last place. She showed him the kiddies cape and he let her put it on. The owner of the salon brought him some hair rollers to play with. He wasn’t much interested in them, but I offered him Angry Birds to distract him from the scissors and he was happy for it. He doesn’t seem to like the feel of the comb against his head and he gets especially nervous when the hair around his ears is cut. He dodged the hairdresser a few times around that area. There was no screaming, no kicking, no tantrum and no crying. I was so happy and relieved that I didn’t even mind being covered in hair. The owner of the salon said ‘I thought we had a performer here?!’ That is how well behaved he was. She said she used to have to sit on top of her son while someone cut his hair! Babyice looks SO much better now! I’m amped I managed to get his hair cut before the Huggies event this weekend. I am going to try and take him regularly to get him used to it. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try it without the antihistamine though.



Today, I spoilt myself. I have been in need of some new make up for a while and after buying a MAC concealer I’ve really been wanting to try their foundation and powder. I went to Edgars with a friend today and marched up to the MAC counter. I told the assistant there that I need a foundation/powder and eyeliner. She sat me down, took off my make up and proceeded to apply a primer. A primer?! I wasn’t even aware that you wear something UNDER foundation. I mean, really. What is my face? A wall?! Apparently the primer hides any pink/red pigmentation. She applied complete make up for me, save lipstick since I’m already wearing my Very Berry Revlon lipstick today. It’s the really dark one that draws so much attention. She also spritzed my face with some or other water that sets your make up, hydrates your skin and has a bit of a glimmer in it. Including that I have 4 layers of make up on my face! It does look nice though and a few hours later the foundation still looks good. Strangely enough I walked out of there with the 3 products I intended on buying when I walked in…it still set me back eight hundred rand O.O Yep. R800! I really want to get their mascara as well, but it is R200 and psychologically there is a huge difference between spending R800 and spending R1000. I also bought myself a pair of hoop earrings and a ring I liked (they were cheap):




MAC made my day 🙂



While my wallet is still crying…I’m smiling because I really do get excited by new make up! While I was paying one of the other MAC ladies complimented me on my lipstick. I can’t get over how many compliments I am getting about it. It just shows me that you really need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. It pays off!