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Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend promises to be jam packed full of activity. No rest for the wicked!


This evening I plan to make a stop at the pharmacy to pick up a Tip Top cuticle oil. The one I am using seems to be sub-standard, which sucks because it was freaking expensive! It was palmed off on me by one of those Isreali hotties that sell the dead sea crap in the malls. All cuticle oils are not created equal! My cuticles take a beating because I work in water a lot (washing dishes, bathing the kids, washing my hair, etc) and of course the use of acetone when I do my manis dries them out even further. Using cuticle oil also really improves the health and strength of your nails, so having a good one is a really good idea for someone like me with weak, bendy nails. Somehow when I am using my ‘Obey Your Body’ cuticle oil, even if I oil them religiously, the skin around my nails still seems dry/flaky and I get hard bits at the edge of my nails that makes me want to bite them. ┬áBiting cuticles is a no no! I’d really like to take care of them and a good cuticle oil is the best start.


On Saturday I will be making a turn at Maskscara to pick up my order. I’ve ordered Seche Vite and Seche Restore. Seche Vite is like the holy grail of all top coats. It dries your entire mani within minutes and apparently the finish is super shiny and smooth as glass. Sounds freaking fantastic, right? Right. The Seche Restore is a polish thinner that you can use on any polish (including your Vite) should it become gloopy. My Essie top coat has already gone gloopy and I’ve been meaning to get a polish thinner for a while now. I’ve also reserved some China Glazes for myself. Are You Jelly?, Astro-Hot, When Stars Collide and Lubu Heels. Are You Jelly is a jelly polish. I don’t have any of those. Astro-Hot and When Stars Collide are holographic polishes. I don’t have any of those either! I passed up on Lubu Heels the last time I was there and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then, so I decided to get it. After I stop in there I’m going to a La Leche League meeting with PrincessIce. I really enjoy these meetings and try to go every month. Once the meeting is over I’m heading off to the V & A Waterfront to visit Lush. Lush makes a cuticle butter called Lemony Flutter. It is raved about everywhere. Of course some people don’t like it, but apparently it is one of the best cuticle treatments ever! It can also be used for other dry spots like elbows, heels and knees. It is a bit pricey, but apparently lasts an age. There are only two Lush stores in Africa, one in the Waterfront and one in Cavendish. So I’m really excited about getting my hands on some for my shabby cuticles and Rudi has some dry spots on his knees that could really use some love. Regular body butters just don’t seem to help. Lemony Flutter has more oils in it than Iraq, so I’m pretty sure it will make a dent in the dry skin for both of us.


Sunday Rudi has another dart tournament or whatever. He will be gone ALL DAY. So I’ll have the kids and will have to make a plan to entertain them while he is out. At least this time we’ve got electricity, so I won’t have to worry about running out while he is gone!


What are your plans for the weekend?