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Bump pic

For those of you who have been wondering – this is what my bump is looking like now:
Bump 18 weeks, 4 days
Bump 18 weeks, 4 days
It’s quite huge already! I’m going to be enormous! At this rate I’ll be lucky if I’m able to waddle around in January! It’s not in the way as such and not particularly making life difficult for me, yet. My stretchy pants are starting to feel a bit tight around the tummy though and I was kind of relying on those to carry me through. Eek.
On the 28th of September I go for my 20 week scan. It’s a detailed scan where they will check that all the organs are formed properly and that everything is on track. Even though everything has been perfect so far and the gynae and the doctor doing the detailed scans have not shown any concern I’m a bit nervous. I will probably be able to relax after this one though. They picked up that there was something wrong with Jamie at my last 20 week scan. The furthest I went with Jamie was 22 weeks.
If the 20 week scan is okay I think I’ll breathe easy…and shortly after that I’ll be in uncharted pregnancy territory! Time is flying!