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Although I have enough information to write a whole blog post and vilify Rudi again…I’m just not in the mood.  His behaviour is despicable and I am totally over it. Not really. People don’t change. If anything is going to change I guess I’ll have to be the one to change them. Yes, this has everything to do with another ‘outing’ to Lindor.


Babyice is so cute at the moment. Despite him teething and cutting his canines (apparently the hardest of the bunch, except for the 2 year molars that still lie in store for us), he is okay.  His sleeping patterns have gone a bit wonky with the teething and he has been waking us up. That is all I’m willing to tempt Murphy with right now.


I wasn’t 100% sure that he was teething. He has his hands in his mouth constantly and had been moody. He also had a little rash around his mouth. I still wasn’t 100% sure. Then a snot nose, cough, slight fever and bum rash showed up and I knew he was definitely teething. We bought him some biltong to chew on and have some ice lollies handy too. He doesn’t seem to like the ice lollies all that much. I suspect this is because they are too cold to hold in his hands comfortably. He does love the biltong though.


When he sees something that isn’t quite right or knocks over a tower of block he says ‘Broken’ (say bro as in ‘Hi bro!’  and Ken as in Barbie’s boyfriend). It’s so cute, especially when he is the one that caused the brokenness. He is also starting to string words together in pairs. He’ll say ‘My daddy’ or ‘My Ambah’ or ‘Where Ambah?’. It’s so bloody adorable.


Since I have decided not to rant about Rudi, this post is very short. Perhaps I’ll decide to tell the tale another day.