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Bossholes Bad for Blood Pressure

So a lot has happened in the past week.




Last week Monday I had a gynae appointment. Rudi’s boss AGAIN refused to let him go with me to the gynae. I was livid. My friend at work also couldn’t take me so Rudi had to come and fetch me at work (without his boss knowing, he was driving through the area) so that I could pick up our car to go by myself. At first I felt weird about going by myself, but in the end it was really fine. Of course, once I got there I was required to pee in a cup. Well, it’s not really a cup. More like a sample ‘cup’, so it’s a lot smaller. I failed the test. I mean…I completely missed the cup. There was very little that managed to get in there, a few drops at most. Thankfully the sample was concentrated enough for them to test. I wish I had known that before I demanded water and started chugging it. I don’t think I will ever get the aiming thing down. I will just have to go with a really full bladder and hope that enough lands in there. PrincessIce has grown so much since the last time I saw her. Her measurements were much better this time around and she is now no longer small, but firmly average 😀 He said everything looks so good in there that we could skip the 22 week fetal assessment and save ourselves R750.00. He saw nothing that concerned him and felt comfortable to go ahead with regular visits. I asked the gynae whether I should be concerned about this birth progressing faster than the previous one, leaving no time for an epidural. He said I need not worry. He then smirked and said he knew I would ask him how he was doing with the epidurals and that his record remained impeccable. My gynae knows me well. I also asked him about birth control solutions after PrincessIce is born. He thought I implied I wanted my tubes tied, as he said that it was a rather rash decision at my young age (Ha! Young!). I told him I was considering having a Mirena put in and he agreed that it would be a viable option. To have this done I would need to go for my ‘6 week’ check up 7 or 8 weeks after birth for them to be able to put in the device. Apparently with C sections they sometimes just put the device in while they are in there, but not when you give birth naturally. I know there could be some side effects from the Mirena, but this is the case with all birth control and I am sure it will be fine. I really hope that Rudi can go with me for the next appointment. I made it at 4 in the afternoon so that we may circumvent his bosshole.




You see, Rudi’s boss really does not have a reason for not letting him go. He is still punishing him for what happened at the beginning of 2010 when Rudi tried to make a move to another company. He fired Rudi when that happened, but after a call from the CCMA reinstated him on the same day. Talk about holding a grudge. I can’t think of anything else it could be. When I was pregnant with Babyice he never had a problem letting Rudi come with me to the doctor. The last time Rudi was supposed to go with me there wasn’t even work for him to do. He gave him permission to leave at 11, but to expect half a day’s pay. This after him insisting that Rudi doesn’t get paid per hour, but per day whenever his overtime is queried. Bloody snake. Last week there ‘wasn’t enough work’ (I think he may have forgotten to order material) so he let Rudi come home early on Thursday and gave him the day off on Friday. Rudi called the CCMA to check if he was still entitled to get paid and they said yes. He didn’t get paid for the time he wasn’t there. So what does he do? Report him to the CCMA and potentially get even further into his bad books? He really gets treated like dirt there. I was in tears yesterday morning. I was so upset. Not only because he treats Rudi so badly, but because I am starting to worry about money. Where Rudi’s income will come from should his bosshole become even more spiteful and of course his reduced income with the current spitefulness. If Rudi had other prospects I might not be as worried. I just hope it will all pan out in the end and that Rudi can get out of there and find a better job where he is treated fairly and with respect. He is a hard worker and doesn’t deserve what he is getting now. Apparently one of his colleagues came in half day Thursday and Friday and got full pay. Singled out much?




On Wednesday I headed back to the dentist to close up the root canal. I was hoping it was my last appointment, but it was not to be. There was some pain this time again, but it was not as bad as the last time. He drilled down into the canals and then inserted the wire things they put in there to anchor the tooth. He then put another temporary filling in. He said that there was still a chance the root canal could fail and I could lose the tooth, but he doesn’t think that will be the case since I haven’t had any pain. While I was there I pointed out that something was feeling uncomfortable on the other side of my mouth. He had a look and I need another filling. It never rains. He said I could come back and do it another time, but I want him to get it over with. I don’t want to end up having to do another root canal because I left it too long. So tomorrow I head back to have the root canal tooth built back up and filled and to do the other filling as well. Hopefully after that I won’t see the dentist again for 6 months! Already R1400 has been deducted from the medical aid for all this nonsense and I’m sure the next two fillings will be at least another R800 🙁 I guess I’ll be paying the gynae cash for the rest of the year.




After the dentist I headed off to have my hair done. It was lovely seeing my hairdresser again. I finally convinced him to put some purple in my hair! He was still very conservative about it and hid the streaks pretty well. He changed the blonde he used in my hair a bit and I really like the way it turned out. We also chopped quite a chunk off the ends and shaped my hair a bit. The ends were really beyond dead and damaged. It really was time for them to go. Once he had cut them off it looked like a nest of dry straw lying on the floor. I’m glad to be rid of them! It’s also nice to have a bit of shape to my hair instead of the dead straight. I grew my layers out for a long time wanting to plait my hair and then I realized I barely plait my hair anyway. Some pics:








My next blog post will tell you all about the Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Masterclass…