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Bonding with Babyice

On Tuesday evening on our way home from picking up Babyice from the day mother he fell asleep in the car. That is very unusual for him. Of late it takes at least 5 litres of petrol to get him to sleep in the car (which is why we don’t drive him to sleep on weekends anymore). Perhaps not 5 litres, but it’s a lot of unnecessary driving. I thought it was odd, but didn’t think about it again. Later in the evening we were watching TV together and I touched him and noticed he was burning up! I took him temperature and it was already a whopping 39.1! We immediately gave him something for fever and I filled one of his bottles with ice water. He didn’t want to drink it so I used the bottle to rub on his back and body (over his clothing). About 30 minutes later his temperature was at a much more acceptable level. We put him in a lukewarm bath and didn’t give him any medication before bed. We dressed him lightly.  He still has a habit of coming to sleep with us at night and Rudi took his socks off at some point while he was in bed with us. I felt him at intervals during the night and he seemed fine. We woke up for work yesterday and I took his temperature again while he was sleeping. Back over 39. I woke him up and administered some medication. I was already finished getting ready for work, then decided I would rather stay home and take him to the doctor.




I contacted the day mother to let her know I wasn’t bringing him around and we took Rudi to work. When I got back home I contacted my supervisor to let her know I wouldn’t be in and then played with Babyice until 8 when I could call the doctor. I got an appointment for him at 10:15. We went to the doctor and he was able to see us immediately. It turns out Babyice hasn’t been to the GP for 4 months! He did go to the emergency room on the 11th of June, but that was almost 3 months ago as well! I must say, he has done SO well this winter. Before he was sick ALL the time. He had repeated chest infections and was on antibiotics at least once a month. I’m so happy that his immune system is getting stronger and that he is managing to fight off bugs by himself now. He has still gotten snotty and had a cough in between the doctor’s visits, but we have managed to get him healthy at home again. While we were at the doctor I explained the problem we have cutting his hair. I told the doctor he gets completely hysterical when we try to cut his hair and he recommended an antihistamine that might also help with anxiety. So we just might be able to get his hair cut. I’ve made an appointment for Saturday at a salon he hasn’t been to before. God help us. They have been warned. He was diagnosed with another throat infection (he seems to have traded the chest infections in favour of these).  I had to go to Spec Savers by the doctor’s office to sort out a payment issue. I’ve been trying to pay with my eBucks, but their machine isn’t working and the eBucks helpline hasn’t been able to resolve the problem since 17 August. I ended up spending quite some time there. The entire time we were at the doctor and at Spec Savers Babyice was so well behaved. He held my hand while we were walking and didn’t run away from me once. He tends to do that when we are all together.




I eventually managed to escape Spec Savers and we headed off to the mall to pick up his medication. The pharmacy at the mall is cheaper and doesn’t charge dispensing fees. Again he was very good, held my hand and stayed at my side. I felt like rewarding him and asked him if he would like to go for ice cream. He agreed that he would and we toddled off to Spur. I ordered some ice cream for him and an iced coffee for myself. When the ice cream came, he wanted to know nothing about it. He didn’t even want one bite. He wanted some of my milkshake though and I gave him some. I thought he might have some chips (he LOVES chips) so I ordered a small plate and he refused that too. He got more and more grumpy while we were there and I finally managed to finish what I had ordered and we left. As we were walking to the car he started whining that he didn’t want to go home, he wanted to go to the shop. By the time we reached the door leaving the mall it was a full blow tantrum. I picked him up and soon realized that was a terrible idea. I dragged him to the car and decided to drive him to sleep since he was most likely very tired anyway.




I managed to drive him to sleep and when we got home took all the bags up so I could take him up the stairs. Again, a terrible idea. I have no idea how I made it upstairs with 15 kg of dead weight sleeping on my shoulder. With great difficulty, I assure you. As soon as I set foot into the house he woke up and started crying. I put him down on his bed, took off his shoes and socks and lay down next to him. I also removed his pants, which he was very upset about. He demanded I put pants on for him and I traded his jeans for shorts. While I lay down next to him, he kept breathing in my face and I didn’t want to catch his infection, so I decided to move to my own room. I gave him a cool milk bottle, which he then demanded be warmed up. I saw his ploys to distract me and keep me busy and told him he can take it or leave it. I went to lie on my own bed and every time I heard him moan I told him to go sleep. I think I might of fallen asleep before him, but we both definitely managed a small nap. I woke up around 15:00 slightly panicked that we might have overslept because we still had to pick Rudi up from work. I had hardly woken up when he also woke up. He immediately started crying and didn’t want anything I offered him, also didn’t want to be held. Eventually I had a light bulb moment and offered him Angry Birds on my phone. He immediately stopped crying and was finally satisfied. He is completely addicted to Angry Birds. He gets very upset if you put the sound off. ‘Mommy put louder!’. My phone was in airplane mode for most of the day yesterday while he played Angry Birds saying ‘peeeww’.  While that is very cute and all, I did rather miss Twitter and Whatsapp 😛




Last night it was time to give him his antibiotic, but he didn’t want to take it. No sooner had we put the second spoon into his mouth he vomited it all up. Thinking back on it I feel so bad for him. He just sat there with it pouring out of his mouth with this helpless look on his face. Poor nunu. His fever hasn’t come back. The doctor gave us Lotem for pain and fever. We haven’t used it before, but I remember some moms swearing by it on Twitter or Facebook so didn’t think of substituting it with something we already have at home. Doctor’s orders and all that. He was fine this morning, with no fever at all when he woke up, which is already a good sign.




It was nice spending some time with him. Not restful being off from work though. I’m glad we didn’t drag out taking him to the doctor and try to break his fever repeatedly at home. Having nipped it in the bud and made sure nobody’s suffering was prolonged was definitely the right way to go. It helped a lot that Babyice was gracious enough not to get sick on a Friday 🙂