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Bloody drama

Babyice had an accident last night. I was bathing him and had already shampooed his hair and wanted to clean his ears. He is not very fond of having his ears cleaned and he pulled away from me. I had his arm in my hand, but his feet slipped and he fell. He hit his chin/head/face on the handle next to the bath. His teeth cut open his lip. Despite having his arm in my grasp I couldn’t prevent this. He SCREAMED a blood curdling scream and when he looked up at me, all I saw was blood.

Rudi came running (I think I might have screamed as well…I know I said ‘Rudi COME’) and took over. I was in a state. Babyice wouldn’t stop crying and I just ran back and forth bringing Rudi whatever he asked for. He asked for salt water, but was making Babyice drink it. I told him not to as this would probably make him throw up. I fetched him some Ponstal for the pain and Rudi continued to bath him (I had barely started). I was crying my eyes out, feeling guilty that I hadn’t managed to catch him. We took him out of the bath and I carefully dressed him (we were still crying). After I dressed him I picked him up and put his head on my chest, speaking to him soothingly. I had spotted the cut and it was pretty small (about the width of one of his teeth), it calmed me *slightly*. He lay with his head on my chest for quite a while. Usually he only does it for a split second before something peaks his interest and he’s off in another direction. We gave him his dummy and he sucked on it without complaint and he drank his bottle without any problems. He slept through the night last night and this morning when he woke up he still had a fat lip.

Honestly I don’t think I handled this very well. Rudi observed that I was crying as if I was the one that got hurt. He didn’t seem to understand that it was the same either way. When Babyice gets hurt, I do. I was crying just as much as Babyice was, if not worse. My heart was broken and I felt responsible. Thank goodness Rudi was there to take over. I will probably be nervous bathing him for a while to come now.

I know accidents happen and that it was inevitable, but it’s always hard for a mommy to deal with her baby getting hurt! He’s so small and doesn’t understand. The day mother said he is fine today, he ate normally and is quite pleasant, so that is good.

He has had some stuff coming out of his left ear in the last week or two. It looks like it is wax and he doesn’t seem to be in pain (although he doesn’t like you touching/cleaning his ears). The stuff is a dark brown colour and Google seems to think that is normal for wax. I called the pediatrician anyway since it’s only one ear and doesn’t seem to be stopping. We have an appointment with him on Friday so that he can do his 12 month check up and have a look at his ear. I would bust the child’s lip up before he goes to see the doctor. Hopefully by Friday it will be much better.

I can’t believe the party is the day after tomorrow! My baby will be 1 year old SOON!