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Birthday post

It is disgusting that I haven’t blogged since my birthday. Things have been crazy at work and I have barely had time to take lunch, nevermind blog. I don’t have an internet connection at home so I rely on my work connection to talk to all you lovely readers. I have tons I want to blog about, I just haven’t had the time.


My birthday was lovely. On my birthday I went to dinner with my family. Leebeesa looked after Babyice for me (as part of my gift) and we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Col’Cachhios. I didn’t work on my birthday (I really don’t believe anyone should!) and I spent a lovely leisurely day at home.


The Saturday after my birthday I gathered with some friends for drinks. I was really spoiled rotten by everyone! I got many lovely gifts and we had such a good time. My cake turned out wonderfully!


Cake with my favourite flowers


It exceeded my expectations! I ordered meringue icing for the outside. The cake was delicious! Everyone commented on it and asked me who made it. Unfortunately it wasn’t me, but I’d be happy to supply the details of the lady that made the cake if you drop me an e-mail. She is situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.


Rudi and My Evil Mother conspired to buy my gift together. They bought me a 2 TB HD media player! It is so awesome. My old media player broke about a week before my birthday. I didn’t panic, because I had asked Rudi to buy me an HD one for my birthday. It’s much nicer than my old media player, plays HD media formats and doesn’t have buttons in the front. Why is that important? Babyice. He used to switch the media player off and on while we were watching something because he likes pressing buttons and I suppose the lights going off and on amused him too!


I was off around my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed my leave. So much so that I wanted more leave immediately. Unfortunately the leave schedule is a bit jammed at work, so I slotted myself in for a week or so in October. It’s nice just to take a break.


Being 30 isn’t as devastating as I thought it might be. I do feel different. I can’t explain why, but I feel like I have turned a corner in my life. Nothing has changed in the day to day running of things, but I feel different. In a good way. I hope this next decade in my life is amazing. Taking it by the horns!