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Once again our domestic bailed. She simply didn’t pitch for work, after telling me she wouldn’t let us down. I guess she meant it when she told the downstairs neighbour she wasn’t earning enough. Which is fine, really. It would of been nice, however, if she had spoken to me about it. We’re adults. Just a week before this I told her if she is unhappy or has any issues she should feel free to discuss them with me. I would of told her I really cannot afford to pay her more and that I would look for someone else. I asked her so nicely to let us know if she couldn’t come in, or didn’t want to work for us anymore. That would of been nice. I tried to call her at the number I had for her. Apparently it is her mother’s number. Someone else answered. After a scuffling and mumbling I was told she wasn’t there, that she was outside somewhere. I left a message, asking her to send me a free message so I could call her back. No reply. No message. I sent a text saying I was trying to reach her, that it was a pity I couldn’t and that I would have to make another plan. Having a domestic without a cell phone? A bloody nuisance. No way to communicate other than notes on the fridge. I still haven’t heard from her.


Rudi decided to call our previous domestic who had taken ill and didn’t know when she could return. She was happy to hear from us and agreed to come in and work on Monday. So the majority of our Saturday was spent cleaning. Taking off bedding/curtains, laundry, vacuuming and polishing. You name it. Just how I love to spend my weekends. The kids kept occupied by TV where possible, while we try to find some order in the house. As the day grew to a close I decided I wanted to do my nails as I wouldn’t be able to do them on Sunday and it was already getting late. This was around 19:00 and we still had stuff to do in the house. I was trying to pack away laundry that didn’t need to be ironed so that Betty didn’t have too much work to do on the Monday. She would have almost two weeks worth of ironing to catch up on. I only got about halfway with that as I needed to wait for laundry to dry. It was a stop/start process.


On Sunday night I called Betty and confirmed that she would be coming the next day. She agreed and I was so relieved. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to come home on Monday to a clean house. To a domestic that I trust implicitly. No doubts in my mind about her honesty. She was just finishing up and was flitting about with the last few things she had to do. She seems to have come back rejuvenated, even cracking a joke with me about not finishing the ironing. I really hope Betty is back for good now and that she remains in good health. She works really well and is reliable and honest.


Fingers crossed.