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For my birthday @sanitashimmy bought me O.P.I polish! I have one mini O.P.I that another friend gave to me, but I have never purchased any O.P.I polish for myself. She bought me one full size and two mini O.P.I polishes. I have never bought them for myself as they are much more expensive than the polishes I normally buy and I would rather buy 4 less expensive polishes that are also good quality. I think as with Essie, owning O.P.I polish has a certain amount of status attached to it. Since that isn’t super important to me, it isn’t something I *need* to have. It is certainly nice to have though 🙂


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted 2 coats of O.P.I Bastille My Heart on all of my nails. Bastille My Heart is a dark red creme with a very subtle shimmer. It is a gorgeous colour that reminds me of ripe cherries. The word “delicious” came to mind while I was watching it dry. Yup. I was watching paint dry and quite enjoyed it at that!  Once my nails were dry I used Tip Top Hot Fudge and the left hand image on PUEEN 47 to stamp over all of my nails. The result:



I really could not decide whether I liked this stamping or not. I couldn’t decide whether it made the polish look better than delicious cherries, or ruined it completely. I think the image that I chose didn’t sit well with me. It looked great on the plate, but once stamped it is hard to see that it is a bunch of interlocking cogs, even though the stamping didn’t come out badly at all. It did, however, make a statement. I wore these to the #CTMeetUp and the lovely ladies there dispelled any doubts I had about this mani with the compliments they kindly gave me. Thanks ladies! I really loved the formula on this polish. The first coat was okay as far as first coats go and the second one went on like butter. Love! It is also a really awesome red and I’m smitten with this shade! I may or may not also want more O.P.I now, but will keep entering contests until I finally win some because my wallet just can’t even.