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Babyice’s Room

I thought I’d post a few pictures of Babyice’s room (click on an image to englarge):

We’ve also started bathing Babyice in the “big bath” since he was splashing a lot and getting too big for his plastic baby bath. It proved quite tricky, but after we bought him a Kango bath seat with the cover it’s going MUCH better. Granted we still have to lift him to wash/rinse his hair and bum…he is much safer in the bath chair and LOVES kicking in it. You can see the bath seat and cover on their site here. Soon he’ll be sitting up and we’ll have to get the bath ring 🙂

We had one of those bath seats that are basically metal with a towelling cover which is removable, but we found that he moved out of this easily and the towelling cover came of while he wriggled around. Not ideal for a bigger baby.

I am SO happy we finally have his room sorted out. It really is a relief for me!