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Babyice will most likely be named…

My weekend wasn’t too bad. Saturday started off sucking badly. Rudi arranged for us to have a braai (BBQ) at Fence’s house. Lindor and his wife in tow. I don’t voluntarily visit with Lindor and them, but thank God they were there. Lindor’s wife is also pregnant (again – with number 3) at the moment, so we at least had something to talk about. Fence and Care Giver basically ignored me the entire time we were there. Rudi was so busy playing darts and chatting to his friends, he also forgot about me.


Lindor’s wife was not keen on the whole outing and Rudi promised her we could leave by 18:00. We only left around 18:40 though. One of the guys that had pitched up there while the braai was on came home with us for another drink or two. He turned out to be quite a nice guy and ended up crashing on the couch because he was too tipsy to drive home. I hope Rudi realizes that I won’t be joining him for any future events at Fence’s house. They couldn’t have made it more clear that they don’t have the time of day for me. I don’t care since the feeling is mutual and I don’t see why I should go there and smile and nod.


On Sunday my uncle celebrated his birthday and the whole family came over to our house for a stir fry. Even though we live in a 88 square metre flat we have the biggest place out of the whole family so every time there is a family get together our house is the automatic option. I don’t mind too much since Rudi is a superstar and cleans up.


My grandfather is feeling a little “off” even with just taking the cucumen. That must mean it’s doing something though, right? I feel so bad for him. He is very quickly losing his hair. It is falling out by the handful! His shoulders are constantly covered in a layer of grey hair. Having him around the house is worse than having a moulting pet! This was one of the side effects of chemo he really didn’t want to get. He reckons he has a funny shaped head. He hasn’t lost enough hair for that to be apparent, yet. He is hoping that the hair loss will stop or slow down before it all goes. I’m not so sure about that, although I think it might look better for him to just shave it all off instead of having bald patches.


One more week until my detailed scan. Babyice has decided it’s funny to bounce around on my bladder. That’s just a little annoying! Speaking of Babyice…


For those of you who missed the news on Twitter over the weekend, the name Rudi and I have decided on for Babyice (for now) is Elijah. Eli for short 🙂