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Babyice Birth Control

I just had to share this story:


Rudi and I were in a Spar (a local supermarket) to pick up a few necessities. Rudi had gone to stand in the queue while I kept an eye on Babyice. Babyice made a run for it and I was left chasing him around the store. It’s a rather large store and as I also had things in my hands I found it hard to grab him once I had caught up with him. He ran away giggling, constantly looking back to ensure I was still chasing him.


Eventually I caught up to him at the very till that Rudi had been queueing. Another couple were already standing behind him and in between us.  At this point I had freed my one hand and grabbed him around his waist. When he struggled to get free I said ‘If you run away again I’m going to smack your bum!’. The young couple turned around to look at us. They saw me on my haunches, an armful of products and Babyice trying to run away with the bottom of his shirt in my hand (he was managing to escape!). I tried to get Rudi’s attention and asked him to please take the products out of my hands. The guy in front of me took it from me, turned to his girlfriend/fiance/wife and said ‘You still want a boy?’


I think I might have bought him a couple more years free of fatherhood!