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We left the hospital week ago today. We’ve had a couple of rough nights and a couple of good ones. He is generally a very good baby and hasn’t given us any major problems. We had him circumcised last week Friday. I had to leave the room. The doctor hadn’t even looked at him and I burst into tears! He was very understanding though. Apparently it’s quite common for mommies to run away 😛 The wound has healed very well and we get to go back tomorrow for the doctor to check him out. Not looking forward to yanking him out the house though. He doesn’t adapt well to change in the environment just yet and we have trouble getting him to feed/sleep when we’ve had visitors and such.

Yesterday we went to the clinic for his 1 week check up. He weighs exactly the same now as he did when he was discharged from the hospital. The nurse is very happy with that. Apparently as long as they don’t lose weight it’s all good. She gave me some breastfeeding tips and tips about his skin.

He seems to be peeling the top layer of his skin off. Apparently this is normal. It looks awful and flaky. The sister suggested we use aqueous cream to bath him and apply it during the day. Suddenly I am grateful for the 10 huge tubs of aqueous cream I have!

I can’t believe he is over a week old already! Time certainly is flying! I have already had to send Rudi on his first nappy run as we ran out of size 1’s. I only bought one pack, not knowing how big he is going to be.

I am still receiving flowers and gifts. Thank you all so much! Big love <3

I took this photo today:

My angel

So all in all we are settling in as well as can be expected for clueless parents with a newborn. Thank you to my friends who are guiding me and giving me advice. I really appreciate it! Mommies helping new mommies 🙂

Please excuse my lack of blog posts…it’s really hard getting online at the moment! Tiny little person needs me for EVERYTHING! 🙂