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On Thursday (26 April) Rudi and I celebrated our anniversary. For those who don’t know we celebrate two anniversaries on this date every year. We got married on the same day we met, 6 years after we did. So on Thursday we were together for 11 years and married for 5. Next year we’ll be even and it will be 6/6. I wonder if we’ll stop counting the other six once we’ve finally surpassed it. I had hoped that we would do something special seeing as how it was our 5 year wedding anniversary, but with all the doctor’s bills we have had so far this year finances did not allow it. We decided to make a special dinner and enjoy our anniversary together at home.


We decided on steak and avo wraps with mushroom sauce. I volunteered to cook since Rudi had ideas about experimenting with the meal and that often turns out less than favourably. He was talking about putting curried potato strips in the wraps :S. Blooming Durbanite! After hearing that I insisted on cooking! Unfortunately the wraps that we bought were too thin and flimsy and fell apart when I tried to make them, but the flavours in the meal were fantastic and it didn’t really matter. @Arkwife gave me a recipe for mushroom sauce that was absolutely divine. So we ended up having steak, caramelised onion, avo and mushroom sauce ON wraps. We also had some Chocolate Mousse champagne…which I wasn’t overly impressed with. It was like red wine with bubbles. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it over a bottle of JC Le Roux Le Domaine, but it’s a nice change. I polished the rest of the bottle off yesterday 😉 (Rudi hates champagne. More for me!) We enjoyed some creme caramel for dessert.


We had a nice evening together and I hope that we get to celebrate many, many more happy anniversaries 🙂