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Angel Fluff and heavy stuff

angel tagged her readers to post a picture of their bedside tables. Here’s mine:

I’m currently reading Eldest from the Eragon series. For those that don’t know, it’s the second book of three.

I was upset this morning after church. After service My Evil Mother called me aside and asked me to please pray for her this week as Service for the Departed is going to be especially difficult for her. I was a tad confused by this statement and asked her to clarify, thinking perhaps someone she knew had passed on, but then she said she didn’t want to talk about it because it would upset me. She was talking about James! Having registered this I asked her if she didn’t think it would be hard for me…’Of course! But I held him…’ FFS. I carried him inside me you stupid wench! I don’t know why I’m surprised. She’s always been an attention whore and pity is her favourite kind of attention. I understand that James was her first and only grandchild thus far, but he was my son and I think it was insensitive of her to ask me to remember HER. Pffft.

In case anyone was wondering. I’m not pregnant this month either.