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My name is Heather and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I hate writing these things. I feel immense pressure to write something entertaining and funny and always feel I fail to do so.   I’m just an ordinary person, someone you might not notice in a mall or in the street. I’m not flashy or necessarily loud, without the assistance of some alcholic beverages to loosen up my vocal chords. Speaking of which, I love to sing, but don’t feel like I’m good enough to make a career out of it. I like to read and am a series/reality TV addict.

On the 5th of November 2008 my husband and I lost our first baby after 5 and a half months of pregnancy. You can read more about that here, here and here. It was a very difficult time for me as you will be able to gather from my archives and Rudi (my husband) and I were teetering on the edge for a while…but we pulled through. I pulled through. It is something that has changed my perceptions of a lot of things that I thought I had decided about. It has changed who I am, forever.

I am happy to report that we had a healthy baby boy on 2 February 2010. We are ecstatic and love him muchly. On 2 January 2013 we also welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. We are incredibly blessed to have a perfect pigeon pair. You will be able to read more about their adventures here on my blog. At the end of 2016 my husband and I separated after being together for almost 16 years.

Also in 2013 I took up nail art as a hobby. I blog about my manis so these pages will also be filled with my passion for nail polish.

I’m not sure if there’s much more to tell, I’m afraid. It’s all laid bare here.   I hope you enjoy your virtual walk around my head and heart…I have no secrets (that isn’t true).