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A Special Mother’s Day

On Sunday morning we got up and went to church. After service they had a special Mother’s Day programme. Some children came up and read poems about mothers. The Sunday School children sang a song. One of the young guys from the youth sang a song too. A few children also played a song on their recorders. Each mother received a small gift and a card. Then to put the cherry on the cake they called all the fathers up and made them sing ‘Let me call you sweetheart’ to the mothers ūüôā It was a really sweet programme. The mothers were also invited for tea and cake after the programme, but I didn’t stay since Rudi planned to take me for brunch.


Key ring gift from church
Mother's Day gift from Rudi/Babyice
Rudi took us to the Spur for brunch. Unfortunately we missed the breakfast special because church ran a little later than usual. After we had enjoyed our food we went home and Babyice and I went for a nap. It felt like it went by in a flash and once I had gotten up it was time to go and visit my grandmother for tea. When we got there we discovered the entire family in her small flat. We all sat together and enjoyed some tea and cake. Once we got home I watched Top Gear (one of my favourite TV shows) and then faced the huge pile of ironing I had. I had hoped in honour of Mother’s Day Rudi would offer to do the ironing, but that was quite a stretch. It took me about two and a half hours before I was finally done and ready for bed.
Mother’s Day this year had an extra special meaning for me. In case you were living under a social media rock this weekend:
We're pregnant!
As you know we have been trying for our second one since about February. We have been blessed in the sense that it didn’t take very long for us to fall pregnant. I was in two minds about announcing it to the world, but I did. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…they all have the above picture posted on Saturday morning, not long after we found out. I understand why people keep their pregnancies secret until everything is settled and they are sure everything is fine and the chance of miscarriage has dwindled. I even did that myself when we were pregnant with Babyice. In a way, it makes sense to do so. It’s sensible. I do know, however, that no matter what happens, it will be spilled on this here blog. My online friends have been with me through the deepest and darkest of shadows. Through the toughest times in my life. If anything were to go wrong (and I do not expect that anything will), it will also not be a secret. This new baby has already received so many prayers and I will receive my mother’s blessing¬†tomorrow night. I am full of hope and a lot less pessimistic than I was when Babyice was conceived.¬†
It is still very early in this pregnancy. We haven’t had a scan yet. I have a gynae appointment on the 25th of May where we will get to see our baby for the first time. When I¬†checked the due date calculator on¬†babycentre.co.uk, they¬†estimate that I am around 5 weeks and due around the 14th of January (again, terrible planning on my part!).¬†Of course I’ll let you know what the gynae says when the time comes.
I am not hoping for a boy or for a girl. I am hoping and praying for a healthy baby. Rudi is hoping for a girl. The gender is really of no consequence to me. Yes, it is nice to have a pigeon pair, but to me a healthy baby is all that matters.
Thank you for all the congratulations on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram. I could feel the excitement and joy coming from all of you. We were overwhelmed by the response and are happy that all of you are happy for us ūüôā¬†