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A post mostly about sex

So…this morning I woke up in a rather frisky mood and hungry. I knew I would get to food eventually…but the friskiness was not going away on it’s own. I sat there debating whether or not it’s okay to wake your husband up and ask him to put out. Shortly after I started this debate my alarm starting going off. We usually snooze it a couple of times…so I knew I still had time to make a move, although was still wondering if I should acost my husband first thing in the morning.


Most guys are probably wondering why on earth I even needed to think twice about it, but I did. I don’t like being woken up for sex. If Rudi and I haven’t been intimate in a while he tends to wake up in the middle of the night and accusingly asks me ‘When are we having sex again?!’ Apparently he never remembers doing this. It’s not much of a turn on I’ll tell you.


Eventually I bit the bullet and voiced my intentions.  The first reaction was “Now?!” There were many excuses. “It’s too cold”. “I still wanted to make myself sandwiches”. After a little encouragement he relented though…and even had enough time to make himself sandwiches. We weren’t even late for work. That could also be because we drove the courtesy car to work today and it’s faster than my old car.


Speaking of, I said goodbye to Blinky yesterday. I managed to get a photo of him before I let him go. I realized yesterday that I didn’t actually have any photos of him:




Technically he is no longer mine. His keys have been handed over and the amount I owe the bank will be settled today.


Tomorrow…I get my new car!


Happy Hump Day everyone! (Finally…I get to celebrate it along with you all)